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Kerala situated on the tropical Malabar Coast of the southern India has become a paradise estate for honeymoon escape due to its relevant characteristic ambience prevailing in it. Ecotourism and cultural attractions have made it one of the famous tourist destinations of India. The geographical beauty and its marvels was tag by tourist as the green paradise found on earth which had popularized its name far and wide. Kerala attracts about 0.66 millions of foreign tourist for which it had entered the super brand tourist destination.

The beaches at Kovalam, Cherai and Varkala; alluring hill stations and resorts at Munnar, Wayanad, Nelliampathi, Vagamon and Ponmudi are the popular romantic sites rush by many couples seeking to relish honeymoon excitements in Kerala. They are some of the commonly sought out destinations of honeymoon packages.

Here are few of the descriptions of its spell bound characters which empowers every couples visiting in it are as follows:

The name by itself means the grove of coconut trees where you will find endless sight of coconut groves dotted in every nook and corners of this popular village of Kovalam. The beaches are fully decorated with groves of coconut trees which give shelter and shed to every creator living in the beach area. The villages are fully covered with coconut groves where you will hardly find empty spaces without the sheds of coconut which makes it charming and attractive from far distance. If you happen to gaze the village from a helicopter the whole village seems to be of greeneries where three beaches gives life and glory to it. The scene is amazingly wonderful and alluring for which millions of tourist purposely travel to this corner area of Kerala to have a glimpse of the breath scenery. The places like Cherai and Varkala are also some of the popular beach destinations frequented by most of the tourist especially the couples seeking for serene and tranquil nature.

Among the hill stations Munnar is one and only hill station which has earn international fame for its incredible amazing charm of tea estate. It is a beautiful town located in the confluence of the three mountain streams perfectly set for tea plantation. As the state lies on the Western Ghats the mountains and hills are quite fertile and bears abundant flora and fauna where tea cultivation become one of the favorable plant to cultivate in it. The state looks gorgeous because of the high mountains gorges, deep-cut valleys and the wildest lands covered with dense forest and other regions decorated with tea and coffee plantations makes the state beautiful and alluring by nature. Some of the popular hill stations include Devikulam, Nelliampathi, Peermade, Ponmudi, Vagamon, Wayanad and Kottancheri hills. Munnar honeymoon package give you an opportunity to explore the all round wonders and beauty of the surrounding popular hill stations. So take note of it and enjoy the prominent tourist attracted hill station with honeymoon tour trip.

If you are seeking for top mesmerizing sites in Kerala there is nothing more worth then experiencing the real healing touch of nature. You can also enjoy the ayurvedic and other health treatment along with mesmerizing sightseeing tours.

Birendra writes about various beautiful tours and travel destinations of the world. He is providing valuable information on honeymoon tour from kerala and kerala honeymoon travel. For more information visit at http://www.keralahoneymoonpackage.com/

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