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i have alote of friend's on hear and no one will talk to me anymore so iam saying that i'am not love anymore by you all on hear?
i'm looking for some blackladey's to become my friend i hope i don't get evenone made at me for saying this way but i hope that it will wrok out for me.
i'm here and hello to you all i hope that i can hear from some one i am a sexy man and horny at that. I LOVE YOU ALL
hello to everone how think's i'm hottie or a sweet heart.if you can stop in and levae me some love i will do the some for you.
i need your help i'm hope to move up but i need like 400 more points to do that if you can help me out i would like that.i will do anyrhing i can to help you out if i can.thank you all
ok how out there think i'm a sweet haert or sexy if you are saying yes will you are right.if you need a friend when your down i'm here for you i will make you feel so much batter when your done talking to me.
will you all think that i'm hot then why is it that know one will talk to me anymore
i was hopeing that someone would be so kone to tell me why you all thank that i'am hot.if you can help me out with this i will show you a lote of love or you can show me some love to. thank you all love everone
hello to everone.if your not my friend i'am up to makeing a lote more frend's then what i have know so if you won't to stop by and rate me that would be nice of you to do that?if you show me love i will do the same for you. love you all out they.
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