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Nice eh? Well you have to start somewhere. It has been an astrological day filled with tension. To start with, it poured and then the sink started mumbling and humming but by the time it had some live entertainment it was singing. Well, actually it stank so rather than nip it in the bud with bleach it had a plug full of live bacteria. No, not the yoghurt gut variety. This is unfriendly bacteria for killing any organic matter it comes into contact with that is generally decomposing as opposed to just plain composing; and sure made the sink think twice about singing and humming again. The wardrobe had a shake up and make over due to the arrival of the charity bag. Rather than carry on in the vain hope that 'One day I might grow back into that, (actually shrink would be a more accurate description), so I will keep it,' I had a ruthless scour of said wardrobe and chucked a lot of stuff out. I have to do that when no one is looking, well I did not pay for them, some I did not even chose and they do not suit anyway. Then having discovered that we have pet moths I had to shake everything up, brush all the fluff off and comb through anything that was worth keeping to make sure there were no cocoons. Fortunately there weren't, so after the great shake everything then had to be put it back. Trouble is nothing ever goes back as it came out but that is an unwritten law. This entailed re-folding everything again so it fitted and then it was all hunky dory and that just left me with a pile of stuff to stick in the Charity bag and then of course the things that actually needed a wash before going back. As if that was not enough, tea had to be cooked and due to circumstances beyond my control of interference from a non-chef I forgot to cook my beans because I did not fancy the steak. Well, he who know all wanted his mushy peas used up, cannot stand the stuff personally because they are normally not cooked properly but, hey, if someone else wants it then fine by me. Not to worry that was a trifle in comparison to the greasy pans that materialised after that session so the sink had to swallow its words and start afresh with its build up to a new singing crescendo, which will definitely smell a funny sound, colour and odour. Who said life was not tedious. Oh and that is another thing but it can wait
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