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44 Year Old · Female · Invited by: Arden · Joined on March 3, 2009 · Born on January 28th · 9 referrals joined! · 1 person has a crush on me!
44 Year Old · Female · Invited by: Arden · Joined on March 3, 2009 · Born on January 28th · 9 referrals joined! · 1 person has a crush on me!

I am just your average girl that got tired of doing average things. I decided to take charge of my life and do the things that I truly enjoy and support myself by doing them. So a few years ago I quit the corporate gig took a deep breath and stepped off the cliff. Now I have a great time doing phone sex, making movies with hubby and friends, exploring my naturally dominate side and just being the person I have always wanted to be but had to hide becuase it didn't fit in with the corporate lifestyle. I do this because it is great fun with me and I dont have to pretend. I still wear my pantyhose and heels just now I do it with someone worshipping my toes. I do not blog on these sites I have my own blog that I update all the time with intersting stories from my life and work. New stuff I am doing projects I hope to work on and all kinds of different things. So make sure you check it out too. http://blog.tailstwichn.com

I have a great time playing on the phone so give me a call sometime and we can talk about the nasty things we both enjoy.

ext: 03289608

I have a really fun Membership Site that has tons of fun homemade movies on it.

Call Diane Callaway for phone sex on Niteflirt.com

44 Year Old · Female · Invited by: Arden · Joined on March 3, 2009 · Born on January 28th · 9 referrals joined! · 1 person has a crush on me!
I actually have a lot of interests I really enjoy reading though I don't get to do it as much as I would like. I have NO interest in tv except for an occassional Discovery Channel or History Channel show and even those get played so many times I rarely watch. I am a huge news junky and it always pisses me off but it is like that ex you just can't let go of. I do have strong political opinions but unfortunetly they do not corresponde with either party enough to say I am either. LOL I like to garden but things do not like to grow for me. I enjoy hunting and shooting more shooting than hunting simply because I do not like to clean things. I am married have been so for 20+ years and we greatly enjoy playing with girls and occassionally guys. The older I get the more dominate I get in the bedroom luckily my hubby enjoys that.

Just want to drop me a line and see what is up then Email

For those that don't use outlook that is dianecallaway@gmail.com.

I listen to so much music all kinds of different genre's my mp3 player on random is an adventure. You might hear jazz, blues, hard rock, classic rock, country, rap and anything in between. I am drawn to little known artist who do not get played on the radio. I rarely listen to the radio and then I flip channels the whole time cuz they are all playing the same thing.
While I enjoy movies they are generally world destruction, loosely history based, or melodrama's with a lot of plot. I like adventure movies too with a lot of action in them. It really just depends on my mood.
I enjoy meeting every day people hearing their stories. I have never been the fan.
Video Games
Not much of a game player never really was.

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