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48 Year Old · Female · From Arlington, TX · Joined on January 3, 2008 · Born on July 11th · 367 referrals joined! · 280 different people have a crush on me!


Need help on Fubar or have questions then go visit our awesome bouncers in the fubar support lounge

(Just click on pic below will take u there) :)

 photo Screenshot_2_zpsepm5emsc.png

 photo fumafblkbk_zps7foqft3i.jpg

Any questions about mafia feel free to drop me a Private message with as much information as you can including links and screenshots.

For Updates on Mafia Rules or for answers to your mafia questions

image host
(click on oic to take you there)

Racket Rules

Amended Mafia Rules

I . You can be boss or UB of 10 turfs (this includes 1 man turfs and none racket turfs)
Remember turfs have to be 25 days old, have 20 member and taxes in turf.

2. you can now enter for rackets back to back (NOT ETURF That remains 48 hr wait after it expires before you can enter again) you can hold more than one racket as a time now but eturf is still a 48 hr wait between your turfs winning it.


4. If you have an issue on mafia, please report it to a Mafia Bouncer, going to scrapper should be a final resort.

Mafia support is there to help with mafia problems, bouncers are only allowed to hunt not fight, (to remain neutral and out of mafia wars), please do not attack in support.

New turfs now only have to wait 15 days to enter for rackets instead of 23

You now only have to wait 20 days to enter for the same racket instead of 45

** Remember to have 20 people in turf and taxes in turf before you enter.

48 Year Old · Female · From Arlington, TX · Joined on January 3, 2008 · Born on July 11th · 367 referrals joined! · 280 different people have a crush on me!

We each have a desire for darkness. for some it is death, or love, for some its pain and pleasure. For me its to reach out and touch the soul of a dominant..

On knees i adore you, serve you like a king
obedience always , i whisper your name
But no man owns me nor controls my will
For without me master, your world would be still

Bind me gag me , punish me hard
do as you will, cos deep inside you know
Its is i that controls you and I always will

You have my loyalty , you have my love ,
my body and my soul
You think that you own me, and that is at my will
but know this dearest master . you never will

I expect to be treated with the respect I will show you. If this is not received you will hit my block list very quickly.


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