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To my Aunt Dee, I love you so much - You've always been there for all of us. I remember all the good times we had (there were never really any bad ones) and I will cherish those memories. You made everything seem as if it was easy for you to get thru I wish I had your courage and strength. You will be missed. _______________________________ Uncle Al, Joe, Angie and Sierra Mom, Aunt Betty, Uncle Carl, Billy, Jennifer, Kathy, Carl, David, Jimmy & Nicholas, and to friends of my aunt, My Aunt Dee will always be there among us in the morning she will be our sunshine at night she will be the star that is the brightess, whenever you feel a breeze that is her letting you know she's there and the rain is her watering the flowers in the spring/summer months. In winter she will be the snow making the sceanary beautiful around us to enjoy. We will all miss her and we all certainly love her. She was/will always be a wonderful person to all that knew her. To those that never met her and never taken the time to knew her really lost out on a very special friend that would of done anything for them in her power. Love your niece
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