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Death The word most fear And all shall obtain Some sooner than others Some not soon enough For me it's closer I can end it like "that" No one cares I'm just another loser I'll stand up on the chair With a noose hanging from a hook The hook imbeded into the ceiling I star up at the noose Tightly weaved and about 1/4 IN thick With just one kick of the chair My life is over My eyes have seen too much The bled the tears Yet they still see My veins have bled blood For the many years The red stains on my arm Become crust-like It dries and slows You try to stop me Its no use You come close I'll just pull my foot And fall I warn you You start crying Praying for me to quit this Hoping this is just a facade You are wrong I start counting from 5-1 You know see that I'm serious You want to come near But know it will be fatal No matter what you do it's over 5...I look at the tears 4...The sadness on your face looks painful 3...I begin to speak 2..."In the end my life was worthless I'm not needed" As the counting nears end I think of the past The times we had And why I'm ending it all It flashed before my eyes 1...I took a look down at my feet The chair underneath The floor my feet will never touch again Not while I'm alive I kick the chair The ceiling creaks The life exits my body Me not struggeling to breath Death is the only option now I cease to move Your life will go on Mine has ended
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