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TAintED's blog: "Dark Poetry 2"

created on 12/31/2007  |  http://fubar.com/dark-poetry-2/b173466
Specter of Ruin Burning with vivid intensity, a illusion unfolds within realities morbid calls, A specter of pure energy pulsating in the middle of this ruined cities walls, Frigid air seizes twisted wreckage, liquid silhouettes form unaffected by the cold, Embracing the side of a vibrant violet petal, its aura radiating chaos both new and old, Peace was once associated with the specter, amongst the fogs of surrounding war, Standing, as some thought, as a last bastion of humanities hope, part of some mystical door, A crack of lightening pierces the air, shadows are swept across demise down below, Visions paint on reality, images unfold . . . ill attempt by humans targeted like doe, Sparks of steel clap the air, the ground shakes violently through a hand that curls and lays still, Sadness pours across hopeless expressions as the party of three trudges across the decadent hill, Razor edged wind slices into callused wrinkles, frozen tears imprison cold black eyes, Roaring in fury the frigid earth opens deep jaws, swallowing another amongst horrified cries, One figure hobbles over weakly, a jagged scream splinters the fabric within the fetid hole, "Its hopeless" cracked lips whisper, tumbling in willingly, letting the earth devour another soul, Radiating with chaotic essence, a rippled reality depicts a shadowy figures erratic moves, Cringing with rigid, spastic type convulsions as if dodging deaths' hypnotic groove, Violently stopping, clinging its throat atop a splintering valley of bones and debris, Jutting cold truth from splintered lies, pulling the plug and draining the hope of being free, Shadowy screams reverberate in anger, it falls limply forward onto a twisted face, The drop slowly rides down the side of the rose, as if to signal the end of the human race. Sought after hope, Sought through a purpose of peace . . . through assumption held so dear, Taught these visitors a lesson, that brought a close to this nightmarish planets fear. -Tainted
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