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CurvyKiki FM2 DeadButRising's blog: "Poetry"

created on 03/22/2010  |  http://fubar.com/poetry/b330603


why is it that when things are finally going well for you life has to go and throw you a curveball?

Went to court today for the divorce and the ex started crap in the courtroom.  Now i have to provide proof that I am actively looking for a job, proof of how much I got on the tax return, proof of the stimulous check, and I may very well end up in jail. 

If thats not one hell of a curveball then I dont know what is. 

I mean we had agreed on making this divorce a quick and easy thing and I thought we had all of our issues hashed outside of the courtroom.  Evidentally not.  Here I was thinking that everything was going to go smoothly, I was going to be able to start my life over after the divorce, but no I honestly think at this point all the ex is trying to do is hurt me and have me thrown in jail.  That would make him happy, he could get the kids and to hell with me I wouldnt be able to see them....

So now instead of the divorce being final in July, we have to go back to court at the end of July for yet another hearing at which time I have to provide proof of everything. 

He didnt even work last year and we were split up at the beginning of August so who does he think he is saying that he should get half of the money?  Even when we were together I didnt get half of the tax cheks, hell no I got a little bit and he blew the rest on whatever the hell he wanted.  And I know exactly what that was but have no difinitive proof.  And anyone that knows my ex will know exactly what I am talking about!

Life was good, I am in love, got to see my kids whenever I wanted to, thought the ex and I were going to get along like adults for the first time in 8 damned years.  Guess not though, just another curveball to ruin my happiness.  You would think after 26 years of misery where my girls were the only things that brought me happiness, I would deserve to be happy at least for a few years.  Guess not though

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