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43 Year Old · Female · From Texas · fu-Owned by TATTED WOLF and is worth 1,234,567,890 fubucks. · Joined on July 26, 2011 · Relationship status: Single · Born on January 24th · 2 referrals joined! · 29 different people have a crush on me!

I've been here off and on since the site opened.
Way back in the days of Lost Cherry, back when
there was no bling and we really did help each other
level. ( I still do when I can)

I am an eclectic mix of education, experiences and training, a conglomeration of the
different facets of my personality, passions, and proclivities.

"I'm like that AM station that never comes in right, til ya pass the city limit sign, that's
about the only time it all gets clear"

I'm SINGLE as in I do NOT have a boyfriend and have never been married.
I'm happy for the first time in a long time.
I'm back among the living.
Want to change that? Be a rare diamond in a sea of rhinestones.
I'm a Queen! My crown wasn't handed to me by ass kissers, I earned mine.
I put my REAL friends above everyone else.
I'm not here to compete with the adult women who behave as if they are still in high school.
They have no respect for anyone but themselves and thus I refuse to compete.
I know who I am and they will never be me but they keep trying...

Do NOT comment on my page with your name and or face in the comment.
I can see who you are, that's why we have profile pics and screen names.
I don't accept blank friend requests or friends without a REAL pic of yourself as the profile pic.
Don't shitface over someone else it's rude.

I have odd religious beliefs. (Yeah, I know who is mocking them, I'm not a dummy but you jealous bitches go
ahead and mock.)

The owl spirit animal is emblematic of a deep connection with wisdom and
intuitive knowledge. I have the owl as my main totem. For me Owl offers inspiration, intuition,
and the ability to see what others do not see.
Ask those who truly know me, I have his spooky ability to see what is usually hidden to most.
I can actually see the true reality, beyond illusion and deceit. Beyond the masks and walls put
up by those around me. Yes, I'm that spooky girl that guys are interested in and they have no idea why and every woman likes to hate.
My secondary totem is a wolf. My Tertiary totem is a bit different and very rare...I once had a snake, rattlesnake, as my totem this was where my ability of transmutation, (I received this totem the hard way, I got bit!) Surviving that bite and the corresponding 20+ years of suffering one hurt or another;lead the snake in me to surrender my body to the power of Spirit and has taken me to where my future lives. The snakes silent movements up the Sacred Mountains and because of
my faith and my acceptance of this journey, I have caused changed, transmutation.
I have learned to accept the state of grace, allowed the journey to lead me through the
sacred spiral where I came out on the other side, no longer having the snake but the rare
black swan, a totem graced to those of us who have suffered and loved anyway.
I have a Lynx too...But that one...is my secret to keep.

So mock if ya want, I know when all is said and done, I'm home to those who have
have left or can't find a light...I'm the island in the storm, the beacon in the night.
The one they always come back to because I love without question, without strings,
without fences, walls or judgement, I just let the lost come home and /THAT/ is what
makes me, ME. You're acceptance isn't required!

I'm sick of liars and disloyalty!

I know I'm not beautiful by society standards.
I know who I am and that I'm not unpleasant to look at or spend time with.
You just have to get passed the part of me that's scared.

I'm not a Vegetarian.
I eat meat. Pork not so much, Can't digest it.

I'm still scared of the dark.
You would be too if spiders like to bite you for fun. (So not kidding)

My hair color changes on a whim and has since I was a teenager.
My hair is a natural dark cherry blonde, I tend to high light the blonde.
I was pierced before piercing was cool, I grew out of it.

I voted for a Conservative. Always will.

If I drink, it's Cognac or Jack.

I have an oral fixation.
NO pervs that doesn't mean I'm a cock gobbler (any comments to the contrary will get you blocked.) It means I have a psychological issue where I have to keep my mouth occupied.

I'm country to the bone! Don't like a country girl, move on.
I have a southern accent with a Midwest Yankee twist. (My body was born in the North, Indiana,
to be exact,but my soul is Southern bred)
I don't fall for lame ass pick up lines, I've heard them all! Don't try them on me, that's an epic fail, just move on.

I hunt and fish and can still look like a woman doing it.

I have health issues that are being worked on and I'm not perfect nor claiming to be.

I hate roses, they've become cliche.
Lillies and orchids are what I love when it comes to flowers.
I still love to roller skate and listen to 80s music and yes my hair is still big!

43 Year Old · Female · From Texas · fu-Owned by TATTED WOLF and is worth 1,234,567,890 fubucks. · Joined on July 26, 2011 · Relationship status: Single · Born on January 24th · 2 referrals joined! · 29 different people have a crush on me!
Wizard of Oz. For it's time it's awesome
Movies with a historical slant
Anything movies that were taken from a Jane Austin book.

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