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“ I’m not that bold “ was her reply to my command to suck on the dick of the big black stud who had just finished fucking the big titted blonde beside us. As we were discussing the fact that I was the master and she was my sex slave, a better looking and better built black guy walked up and she asked him if he wanted to” sure was his response.” He quickly undressed and his underwear barely clear of his cock and her mouth was on it. I knew from experience that her big full lips were made for sucking dick, he soon found out too. As I watched my lover giving head to this black Adonis, I seen the lust wash over her face that only comes when she has a hard dick between her lovely lips. As she gave him the best head he has probably ever had, she ran her hands all over his body. After about 30 minutes of her sucking on his ebony shaft , she laid back and he entered her wet juicy pussy. Within 2 minutes she was having her first orgasm of the evening. As he fucked her I watched his big black cock sliding in and out of her tight pussy , that until then had been mine exclusively for the prior five years. Watching the contrast of his black as night skin against her milky white complexion was a huge turn on for me. I lost count of the number of orgasms she had until he blew his load deep inside of her .they shared a lingering kiss and he started to withdraw his dick from her and then she asked him to wait. With his massive rod still deep within her she started to buck her hips back and forth riding his ebony shaft until she shuddered in one more orgasm. That was the first time I got to watch her being pleasured by another man but it certainly has not been the last
i am currently taking my first step into the world of writing erotic fiction . i hope to have my first story finished within the next day or so . please read and rate it and send me any comments you may have.
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