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created on 04/13/2007  |
Sorry I haven't been on lately. I'm trying to finish up homework and finals so it might be another week or so...
Ok. So I'm clearing my email and I keep getting the same message. "Deleted entry" WTF?! I suppose it's kinda funny. I can't read something I didn't know was posted in the first place! Also, someone has asked to be my friend out of the clear blue sky. I'm trying not to be suspicious, but she has no other friends, no readable posts, etc. Good thing I NEVER post personal info about the crap my husbands ex is putting us through right now. Go me!
Still trying to keep updated. I'm SOOO tired. It's been unbelievable how many posts I've read in regards to my husbands ex wife. I never realized how easy it was to piss someone off! LOL! She's done everything from the poor me routine to trying to get her "friends" to break into my emails and LJ. I find it vastly amusing that someone who is supposedly such a kind and warm person is actually a vindictive attention whore. Anyway. On the homefront. I will have all three of my kids home tonight. Should be interesting. I think last weekend, they managed to go about 10 whole minutes without fighting with each other. Man, are siblings tough!
Whoever was it that sang Friday night is alright for fighting? I think it should be more like, Monday's at work are alright. I have this total skeez where I work. Everything I say, she has to try and go one better. For example, My husband works at Wal-Mart. You would think that I know the policies that he deals with everyday, right? So when a fellow coworker (whose husband also works at Wal-Mart) and I were discussing a policy in which Wal-Mart employees aren't allowed to help customers off the clock, she butts in with-"I used to work there and that's so not true!" Basically she called me a liar. It was nice when the other coworker of mine backed me up. I get so tired of people that think they know everything. Besides, it's not like they do. Only I know everything! LOL!
Well, I guess in this case, I popped my own cherry! LOL! Anyway, here's to a new blog and hopefully some new friends! Cheers!
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