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created on 10/10/2010  |

You walk as If you were great like me(he said)

You would be strong if you had heart.

I would be a good suit to teach you son.

I am the master and the beast..(he said)


I wish you heard your own sound.(I thought.)

I don't think you'd speak very often..

You would teach me of greed and bigotry..

Which is a beast I've already mastered.(I thought)


And then declined..

Imagining my escape.

Only to be stopped.

By another slave.


You talk like you are better than us.(she said)

You must not have had a good beating boy.

I should get my husband to show you a man

I bet he would knock your head clean off..(she said)


I wish you could see yourself..(I thought..)

I have been bathed in blood and violence.

You could do better than a war machine.

You will want new toy when it's broken.(I thought)


So I apologized.

Looking for an exit.

I heard a voice.

Calling me out.


You act so unaffected by them.(he said)

You must not have a care in the world.

I bet you never had to deal with this before.

I could tell you all about it if you want.(he said)


I've known them an hour and all my life.(I thought)

I care more than you think I do..

You are still innocent and naive..

You will understand it all one day.(I thought)


Humbly refusing

I bolted for the door.

At the sight of the moon.

I fell to my knees and wept.

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