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Carrie's BAD AZZ BOYS 4 LIFE Member of the Week Mr. Penguinn Photobucket Re-Rate his profile Rate his Carrie's Bad Azz Boys Rating Folder. Leave a comment on the last pic stating you rated the folder. Start with this pic... Feel free to rate as much as you like... The purpose of this activity each week will be to help our members level... But the Bad Azz Boys Folder is required. This should be completed by April 6.
********************************* Be sure you send Carrie a message when you have finished rating the member of the week. Thank you for your participation!

Johnny Riggs


Carrie's BAD AZZ BOYS 4 LIFE Rate the folder and Pick up your tags. Start with the main group tag. Save your tags to your computer and upload them to your page. If you rip them, you will not get points when someone rates your page. Click the pic below to get to the tag folder. Below are the members of our group. Please visit each person's page. Rate Fan Add Comment (your Bad Azz Boys tag would be great) RATE 100 pictures and leave a comment on the last pic. ***Send a drink if you like! (Not required) ********************************* * Be sure that you have placed the name of the group somewhere in your name. * Be sure you have added Carrie and Johnny to your family or top friends. They do not have to show on your page. It will just make it easier for you to find the blogs for this group. Thanks!
********************************* OWNERS of the Group ********************************* Carrie

Johnny Riggs

********************************* RECRUITER for the Group ********************************* She Just Wants To Be

********************************* MEMBERS of the Group ********************************* Reapers_Resurrection





St. Michael



DJ Lostboy





********************************* HOLDING CELL SexyCowboy

Nulli Secundus

********************************* Be sure you send Carrie a message when you have finished with this initial greeting of the members of the group. Thank you for your participation!


10 Bad Azz Boys and 1 Hot Mama
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************************************** Thank you for your participation!

Please repost often! **************************************
There seems to be some confusion with the initiation activity. So, to make things a little easier, please do the following as soon as you can. 1) Make a folder for your page called Carrie's Bad Azz Boys 4 Life Rating Folder. 2) In this new folder place exactly 100 pics. Preferably generic pics. They do not have to be new pics, you can use pics you already have on your page. For example, EZ rate pics. I have made a folder which you can look at to see how to set it up. I have 100 penguins. Yeah I know everyone either hates them or loves them. I happen to love them. But they are all the same size and don't take long to rate. This will make it easier for us to rate each other in the future. If you have already rated people, you are NOT to go back and re-rate this new folder. 3) This initiation activity MUST be completed. To be a member of the group, you must do the following: a) Place Carrie's Bad Azz Boys 4 Life somewhere in your name. b) Rate the profile of each member on the list c) Fan each member on the list d) Add each member on the list as a friend e) Add Johnny and Carrie as a family or top friend, though they don't need to show on your page. We do not have to be numbered. f) Rate 100 pics on each person's page. g) Leave a profile comment on each member's page. h) Rate the tag folder on Carrie's page and pick up your tags. Place them on your page. You can place them in the new folder if you like. i) Send Carrie a private message when you have completed a-h. Please try to complete this by Friday night. However, I know some of you have already told me that you will not be able to do this until the weekend and that is acceptable. j) If you have a suggestion for the lounge name, private message that to Carrie by Friday, March 7. Thank you so very much for joining our group. Let's make this a great group and help each other accomplish our personal Fubar goals. Please leave a blog comment so I know you have read this blog and understand the expectations. Carrie
Gentlemen, I'm going to make a lounge... Still have to figure all that out... It's going to cost 100k to open it... And if we don't use it, it will cost me some untold amount of fubucks on a regular basis... So, if you have no interest, leave a comment... However, I was thinking I would use it to sell you off on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis... Get you some fubucks or other prizes... But we have to get a good body of people interested for it to work... In the mean time... I'm setting up a little contest... Here are the rules... Send me possible names for the lounge by PRIVATE MESSAGE ONLY... I will compile a list and then send it out for you'll to vote upon... I don't have much to offer at the moment, and hopefully that will change as time goes on... But the winner will have the choice between 150k or a 1 credit bling... The winner will also be the First MEMBER OF THE WEEK! This feature of the group will start Monday, March 2. Submissions should be sent by Saturday, February 28th by 10pm EST (7pm fu-time). I will send out a voting message that night... Votes must be received by Sunday, March 1 by 10pm EST (7pm fu-time) Thanks for participating... Hugs and Kisses... Carrie

Carrie's Bad Azz Boys The purpose of this group is to promote the gentlemen of Fubar... There are several Ladies only groups... So, why shouldn't there be a men's only group? The gentlemen that wish to join should be serious about the following: * Being a gentlemen first... You can be a Bad Azz without being disrespectful... * Helping others achieve goals on Fubar... * Drama and hate FREE... * Willing to participate in group activities... * Having NO fear of rating other guys pages... Some of the ideas we have in mind are the following; * A folder on Carrie's page with ripped pictures of all the members, so others will have access to the link to members pages... * A folder on your page where you can keep tags and other pics that relate to this group... * Member of the Week... Each person will rate in order to help him level... This person will be listed each week as Carrie's #2 FRIEND... * Periodic auctions to help members get special prizes for themselves... * Notices/blogs of when members enter contests so the group can help them achieve their personal goals... * Possible group only contests... * Bulletin pimp outs for members... * Gifts from members for contest prizes would be appreciated but not required... * If I can figure out how to create a lounge, I will do that... But NO promises on that one... *** I'm open to all suggestions to help make this work... Possible Requirements: * Verified Fubar... * Group name in yours... * Rate/Fan/Add all members of the group... * Add Carrie to your Family or Top Friends, but doesn't have to show on your page... * Must rate 100 pictures of the Member of the Week... * Repost Group related bulletins So if you are interested, leave Carrie a Blog comment or send her a private message...
********************************************** Owners of the Group Carrie

Johnny Riggs

Please repost Thank You!
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