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created on 04/22/2012  |  http://fubar.com/fghtg/b347763

"I think the doctor need more carefully see said," because sendai, his research results is today published in the journal of the American medical association. "Maybe we should put these people more positive. In someone we know that heart attack, we redouble our efforts to work to reduce cholesterol." canada goose parkas


Sendai said that half of the patients had evidence that an unrecognized heart disease symptoms once said they attributed to the flu or indigestion of the time. canada goose jackets


"But the other half don't know," he added, patients often surprised to hear their heart is damaged. "Maybe it happened in their sleep, or people with diabetes, maybe they just don't feel it." cheap canada goose


About 28% of the participants have diabetes, this could cause nerve damage, hindered the warning signs of a heart attack, said dr Marsha, cardiologists jie LuoGan Minnesota the Mayo clinic, rochester. Not involved in the study. canada goose outlet

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