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Today I was considering moving a tv. I knew where i wanted to put the tv, but I was not sure how much additional cable i would need nor where to route it or where i wanted to tie in at. Into the basement i went with my handy dandy stepladder and started exploring my options. Theres a bedroom down there, it has a tv in it, and it appeared that tapping into that line was going to be the easiest. I started exploring the route now, so up on the ladder i started looking. I noticed out of the corner of my eye, on top of the wall inside of the closet this lil plastic dish that had toys in it and what looked like the edge of a magazine. "Huh, whats this?" i pulled the dish down and found matchbox cars. I grabbed the edge of the magazine, dammit! The lil hoodlums found my stash and raided it to stock their own! I discovered miss january 1998! I reached farther and found 8 more of my playboys up there! I carefully put everything back the way it was and asked brendan and his mom to come downstairs to assist me. I asked brendan to get up on the ladder, and get some of those things out of my way. "What things dad?" I pointed and said "those things, why dont you hand me those things". "What things!?". "Dammit brendan, hand me that stash of playboys right now!" With reluctance, he handed me all the reading material. I asked him who was in on this stash raiding caper, no answer, i asked again,, no answer. I got a fib from him, i knew it was a fib,, he cant lie to me at all so i called him out on the fib. The playboys i wasnt so upset about, the fib i was very pissed off. The discovery of the collectors edition jan 2000 being out of the protective sleeve, and now in less then perfect condition pissed me off. He finally confessed as to who was in on it with him. Brody! The neighbor kid! I had a feeling he was in on it. I just knew it! While we were down there i heard a knock on the door.... we came up, playboys in my hand,, and found brody standing there on my porch. "Come on in brody! i have a question for you!" He came in and seated himself on the couch. I asked him what he knew about the stash in the basement. He told me everything, point blank, no trying to fib. Gotta appreciate honesty! I asked them both who else is in on this. Brendan told me that everyone was, everyone knew. I asked him why? His answer... "we aint gay dad!". I hid my chuckle well and placed the entire stash inside the safe. I placed the blue plastic tub back on top of the cabinets with a nice lil hand written sign. I put the lil dish of toys back where they were and one of my 4x4 magazines with a note attached to that as well. I thought my stash was hidden so well. I placed it there years ago back when my lil guys were lil. My 13 yr old lil guy is not lil anymore! Dammit! before i get tossed under the bus for having playboys,, terry bought me the subscriptions!!!!
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