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I've had a heavy heart for Bret Michael's.  He is the musician
who had a massive brain hemorrhage last week.  His doctors
are giving a complete diagnosis and recovery agenda to the
public today at 12 Noon Mountain Time.  Oh, I hope he will
be able to recover.  It is said it will be a miracle if
Bret can totally recover from all of this.   :(
  For those that do not know who I am referring:
This is Bret!
  Lead singer and guitar player for the group "Poison".
He also has had a reality show and is now presently on
"Celebrity Apprentice".  That program is taped of course
and it is difficult to watch without sadness for Bret.
He is doing quite well on that show, so far!
I am a huge fan...  can ya tell?
PRAYERS are on my agenda.

Every Rose Has It's Thorn Song By Bret Michael's

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