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hello... yeah as usual i am fucking bored out of my mind... im only blogging to take a few seconds of mind numbing boredum away. it aint doing so well. NASCAR.......... i want tony stewart.........well not really only if i were single i would fuck his brains out but now that i am married he is just nice eye candy and a good wet dream. nice eh? lol i can get worse... i also think that way bout elliot sadler and dale juinor of nascar. whats with this carl edwards? he is soo hideious! he has an asshole chin and fugly as can be! man how can someone have such a ugly child to have it grow up to be that hideous? ffs man geezus! yeah and wht with fucking jeff gordon?????? he is a fucking retard he expects peepz to like him after the fact he cheated on his wife, is uglier than sin and has no personality. i have to say jeffy likes apples is better lookin than carlie boy but ffs how can you be sucha asshole? damn! i think mark martin is cute for his age......not sexy, not hott, cute.... i am so into steven van zandt... yeah he hadda part in the sopranos but his music rocks! i loved him in the 80s with bruce springstien! he is one hott piece of ass! COME BEFRIEND ME, RATE ME, FAN ME! I WILL DO THE SAME FOR YOU!
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