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Female · From Jacksonville, FL · Joined on December 18, 2006 · 1 referrals joined!
Female · From Jacksonville, FL · Joined on December 18, 2006 · 1 referrals joined!

I am a unmarried(and not in any hurry)aspiring BBW Web Model &experienced Web-Cam Performer out of North Florida. I'm just getting started on Fubar all over again, so my photos and material is a little outdated, please be patient while i update my account as i have not used it in a long time(i started on here when it was known as "CherryTap").
I'm a open-minded "free spirit" type(although no, i am not a hippie lol)who loves to laugh and joke with people, particularly my friends. I think the internet is one of the greatest things since sliced bread and i enjoy spending time on social networking sites such as this one and playing online games such as RLC(ask me if you don't know). I also enjoy reading books and magazines and i sometimes like to write. I do like to get out and have fun when i can! That seems rare these days but i have many interests and i am always open to try out the latest restaurant or hot-spot in town with a group of friends when i have the free time. I love to dance and occasionally enjoy the club scene. Other than that i spend most of my time promoting and taking care of my business matters. I also enjoy just hanging out with a few close friends and am a homebody at heart.
I enjoy different people and lifestyles, am a proud GLBT supporter, and a poly-amorous bisexual who is gender fluid. I also support the swinging lifestyle and BDSM community. I'm NOT a supporter of racism, bigotry, or hatred of any kind. I believe in freedom of religion or freedom From religion, and the right to make that choice for ones self.
I am on here for networking and friendship, so feel free to stop by and say hello, drop me a line in my in-box..just please keep it respectful and friendly!


Female · From Jacksonville, FL · Joined on December 18, 2006 · 1 referrals joined!
I am a up-coming BBW Web Model and Web-Cam Performer. I enjoy surfing the internet, spending time on social networking sites like this one. I also like to read and i do some writing as a hobby. I love all types &genres of music. Like most people i like watching movies. I like to play online games, RLC/Utherverse is one of my favorites. I occasionally like to go out with friends(or sometimes by myself)to catch a movie, check out a restaurant or go out dancing. I like just hanging out with friends watching movies or just being goofy. I like to have fun Drug Free.
I enjoy volunteering my time to No More Homeless Pets and some of the other local organizations who assist helping homeless &needy animals get care and find loving Forever Homes with good Pet Parents. I own a overgrown chocolate lab and a tabby with Cattitude &i try spending time with them when i can.
I enjoy parties, like to visit the beach during the summertime, and i like festivals and concerts as well..enjoy a good stand up comic show when it comes to my area.
I'm very diversified in this area and i like it all! There are a few exceptions..i'm not too interested in most country &western music and symphony will only hold my interest for an hour if its not infused with drums, guitar, or something to add some "oomph" to it, but the best way to get an idea of my musical tastes is to check out my play lists(here &other sites).
I like a bit of everything in this category too! I enjoy everything from action "guy" flicks to the occasional horror movie, i LUV comedy and adore drama(not the "real life" drama of course, but on the silver screen). I'm a sappy sucker for kids movies and anything with a talking dog in it lol. I enjoy thrillers, historical accounts, biographic movies, romance, and those annoying reality shows on television that there are just way too much of.
My parents, may they rest in peace. People that have overcome great adversity in their lives and gone on to be successful, they give me hope and inspiration.
Video Games
I love Nintendo DS games and i enjoy massively multi-player online games, such as Utherverse.

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