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This is a copy paste of a bulletin a myspace friend posted. I'm not sure you need to worry about everything in it but it sure would be a good idea to not have the same password on you myspace account as anywhere else, and be careful what you click. There are many things about myspace that really really suck, I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for some real good friends. One of them is the completely idiotic capability to have you redirected to another site when you do darned near anything. I have been redirected to porn sites by just clicking on someones icon to look at their profile when they send me an add request. It sure doesn't help when stupid myspace constantly signs you out so you aren't suspicious when you have to retype your email and password. I had to sign in again to stay in the myspace session to see this bulletin. Myspace sucks! For further clarification please see http://www.lostcherry.com/viewimage.php?u=114428&albumid=40274&i=1497740957 Here's the bulletin as I saw it posted: Have you noticed weird bulletins posted by your friends lately? Instead of surveys and games, it looks like they're advertising ringtones for songs they don't even like, or telling you to smoke pot when they're not even a pot smoker? If so, it probably means their MySpace profile has been stolen, and yours could be next. Profile thieves are stealing MySpace profiles left and right so they can spam other people, and in some cases, they manage to steal more than just your MySpace. Here's how they usually steal it: They post a message, bulletin, or comment containing a Flash file. It might be disguised as a game, or lately there's one that says, "Click here if you like to smoke pot." But in reality, it's just a trap to steal your MySpace. Without you realizing it, the Flash file automatically redirects you to a different website where the thief has set up a copycat of the MySpace login page. What it looks like to you is, "Oh, stupid MySpace logged me out again." And so you enter your username and password, and bingo -- they just stole your profile. Since you were on a copycat site, it didn't log you in. It just stored the email and password you entered in a big file, and now that profile thief is going to use your account to spam people. But the danger doesn't end there. The person who stole your profile knows that you can always change your password and lock them out of your account. So now, they try to take over your profile entirely. If they see your email address ends in yahoo.com or hotmail.com, they go to your email login page and try to log in to your email account with the same password. Many people use the same password for their email account and their MySpace profile, and if you're one of those people, now the thief has access to your email, too. And check this out -- once they have access to your email, they can start sending lost password requests to PayPal, AIM, Yahoo Messenger, eBay, or anywhere else you might have an account, and they can now reset your passwords on other systems, and even change the email address on your MySpace profile to their own address so you can never log in again! Don't be fooled into thinking that MySpace will let you back in to your profile once it gets stolen and you can no longer log in. If this happens, MySpace will ask you to send a digital picture of yourself so they can see if you are pictured in the account that you say was stolen. If the spammer has deleted all of the face pics in your profile (which they usually do), then MySpace won't do anything at all because you have no way to prove the profile is really yours. But if they see your picture in the account you say was stolen, MySpace still won't give you access to the account -- they'll just DELETE IT. And now the spammer can't use it anymore, but you will have lost all of your messages, photos, and comments and you'll have to start all over again. Here's how you can protect yourself from profile thieves: 1. Change your MySpace password right now. Even if you haven't seen weird bulletins yet, your account info may have been stolen already and the thief just hasn't used it yet. They steal thousands of profiles at a time, and yours could be sitting in some spammer's list just waiting to be hijacked. 2. Change the password to your email address right now. It's no good just changing your MySpace password, because if they can get into your email account, they can still steal your profile. 3. IMPORTANT: Make sure your new email password and your new MySpace password aren't the same! 4. Never click on a link in a bulletin, message, or comment that looks suspicious. It's probably a trap to steal your profile. 5. If it EVER looks like MySpace has logged you out, don't enter your email and password. Instead, type 'www.myspace.com' in the address bar and hit enter to make sure you are still on the real MySpace website and not a copycat site. 6. If you see weird bulletins showing up from your friends, message them right away to tell them their profile has been stolen and advise them to change BOTH their MySpace password and their email account's password. Most people don't see the bulletins their account is posting until it's too late.
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