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HEY HEY HEY Family and Friends Come On Into BADA BING LOUNGE and Celebrate The QUEEN'S Birthday w/ Us Starting @ 730ish pm est Friday Night! It's Gonna Be 1 Helluva Rockin Good Time! The TGIF Jams Will Be Played Along w/ Some of The QUEEN'S Fav Artists and Also Going To Be Having Some QUEENY Trivia-Will Be Rewarding 100k in Fubucks For The Correct Answers-and Also She Has A 2 Min Delay Before She Can Answer! Also Will Be Doing Some Other Games As Well For Bucks, Bling and Prizes!...So Whatcha Waitin For?...Be Sure To Make BADA BING Your Place To Be Friday Night As Well Celebrate The QUEEN'S Birthday! Hope To See You There! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photobucket Hey all - Our Own Hot Hostess DEVIOUS is now Bada Bing's Newest DJ! ...AND SHE IS AWESOME! Don't Miss her Debut Show in Bada Bing FEB 2 ... 5PM - 9PM She has put together an awesome mix of all your favorites and you will love her. So Come show her mad love and support! You will have an awesome time with Devious, Bounty, Pet, Queeny, RedValor and the Rest of Bada Bing Family! Great Friends, Good Times, Awesome Tunes - Its an offer you can't refuse. Just Click the Pic!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Just Click Her Pic ABOVE and You're There! Then Stay For Queenys Rockin 80s Party!
NFC CHampionship Game is in 3 hours! WOOT! As Promised here is the Blog with last nights Contest Picks! The FUBUCK Pot for the Contest is a WHOPPING 1,420,000!! Which means the halftime winner and Final winner will each get 710,000 Fubucks! Plus the halftime winner will also receive a 5 point bling - Final score winner will receive their choice of VIP, Bling Pack or Blast! WOOOT Good luck Everyone. ENTRIES GONZO HALFTIME: 21-13 (CARDS) FINAL: 31-23 (CARDS) Passing Yards: 380 FOXY HALFTIME: 14-7 (EAGLES) FINAL: 24-17 (EAGLES) Passing Yards: 50 LEADCHUCKER HALFTIME: 7-0 (EAGLES) FINAL: 24-17 (EAGLES) Passing Yards: 101 SJERZCCM HALFTIME: 17-9 (EAGLES) FINAL: 34-16 (EAGLES) Passing Yards: 326 SEDUCTIVE KISSES HALFTIME: 16-10 (EAGLES) FINAL: 38-21 (EAGLES) Passing Yards: 402 LITE HALFTIME: 27-13 (EAGLES) FINAL: 35-21 (EAGLES) Passing Yards: 50 PET HALFTIME: 14-10 (EAGLES) FINAL: 21-17 (CARDS) Passing Yards: 290 DEVIOUS HALFTIME: 12-0 (EAGLES) FINAL: 24-12(EAGLES) Passing Yards: 45 QUEENY HALFTIME: 13-10 (EAGLES) FINAL: 30-17 (EAGLES) Passing Yards: 260 JOHNNY HALFTIME: 17-10 (CARDS) FINAL: 27-20 (CARDS) Passing Yards: 285 BOUNTY HALFTIME: 17-10 (EAGLES) FINAL: 28-17 (EAGLES) Passing Yards: 250 FOOKER HALFTIME: 14-7 (EAGLES) FINAL: 38-17 (EAGLES) Passing Yards: 330 GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! WINNERS WILL BE POSTED AFTER THE GAME!


HEY Everyone...BADA BING Having A Party To Celebrate Our Beloved QUEEN'S 2yr Fu-versary Tonight Starting @ 9pm est! The Night Is All About Her. She Has Dome So Much For All Of Us-So Now It's Our Turn To Do Something Special For Her. DJ Bounty Start Off The Show @ 9pm est. So Come On In And Celebrate With Us With AWESOME Tunes,Drinks And GREAT Friends. We Have A Few SuPrises And Treats In Store For Her But Can't Say Them Here...LOL...So Whatcha Waitin For? Click The Pic Below And You're There...It's An Offer You Can't Refuse And Dont Wanna Resist! Photobucket
Jam ON Over to BADA BING Tonight! We're Kicking off Year #2 Italian Style With the Warmth and Good Times you Always Find in BADA BING!
Da Family at Bada Bing has been Partying and Feelin the Love for a Year! Our Laid Back Atmosphere, Family Vibe, Rockin Tunes, Crazy Moments and "Show Respect Or Get Whacked" Attitude ... Have been keeping the VERY BEST People on Fubar smiling all Year! Words cant express how amazing the family at Bada Bing is ... They are the most Awesome Friends you could have. Thank you ALL for the Many Great Moments and Memories! And All the many More to Come! Much Love to You All For Making Our First Anniversary So Incredible! **I AM TAKING A LAST STAB AT THE SPOTLIGHT TONIGHT.. PLEASE DONATE IF YOU CAN - TY SO MUCH** Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photobucket
Its an Awesome Celebration of 1 Year of Great times in BADA BING! Lets Kick Off a New Year with a Bang Tonight! Laughs and Awesome times with Da Family! Trivia, Drinks and Prizes! Blings and Bucks! You Never Know what Can Happen in Da Bing! lol Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket There's a Party Going Right Here A Celebration to Last Throughout the Year So Bring Your Good Times And Your Laughter Too We're Gonna Celebrate and Party With You! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Click the Pic Below to Enter the Bada Bing Baby! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
IT'S Live and its OLD Skool ... Hope you like this live take on Kool and the Gang, "Celebration" Enjoy and see you tonight in Bada Bing!
"Come Kick Off Bada Bing's 2nd Year with Us Tonight!"

It's DJ Bounty's Birthday! Come Celebrate with the Family In Bada Bing!!

******SPECIAL TONIGHT!!! Jam with us for Bounty's Birthday Bash from 10pm to 2am EST .. DJ BOUNTY, Bada Bing's Host has been a rock from the start of Bada Bing and a treasured friend. The Biotch..The Bulldog..The Quicker Picker Upper.. the Golden Egg.... He does more then anyone can possibly imagine for the Bada Bing Family and without him - we would not still be here ... Known for his sexy Chippendale dances, priceless typos, Glass shattering Moans, 2000 fucks, Awesome Heart and Rockin Style, He is treasure to everyone in the Bada Family! *****Queeny will host the BASH - There will be lots of Bountys Favorite tunes and - OF COURSE - Trivia and FuBuck Prizes ... All our trivia will have something to do with Bounty or things he loves!!! (Bounty will be on a 2 minute delay to answer lol) ...SO ALL THE FAMILY COME OUT, INVITE YOUR FRIENDS, SHOW SOME MAD LOVE and Lets Get Completely SHITFACED TOGETHER!! Come Early and Get the Party Started with DJ Doug and DJ Fallin from 7pm to 10pm! Just Click the pic Below and Your There! .
Please Go Show Bounty Some Love Today On His Page For His Birthday. To GO to DJ Bountys Page - Click the Tag Below - See ya Tonight in Da Bing!
REMEMBER ... Come Out and Show DJ Bounty Some Mad Bada Bing Family Love for His Birthday... 10pm to 2am EST in DA BING Baby!!!! COME IN EARLY from 7pm to 10pm EST and Get the Party Started Early with DJ DOUG and DJ Fallin!!!
Wild Side - Motley Crue

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Who knows more about Bling then the Mafia Baby... This TUESDAY 8pm to 2am EST - Spend the night with the Family in Bada Bing and leave with Lots of Mafia Bling! Its a MEGA Fling ~ A~ Bling in Da Bing! - We are GONNA have a KICK ASS Night and the Bing will be all Blinged Up and Jammin with Awesome Tunes.
Whats even Better? There are Many Ways to Win lots of Bling! ....Contests ...Trivia ... Name that Tune - All Bling Prizes will be given during Happy Hours to give all winners Double Points. You can win as much Bling as you can - the only requirement is that you are a member. This is our way to give back to our members with a Fun Night to get lots of Points and Bucks. Come and feel the mad, mad love of Bada Bing!
>>>INVITE CONTEST FOR 10 POINT BLING!!! Over the night invite your Friends to come hang out with you in Bada. The member with the most invites that subscribe and are still subscribed after the show concludes at 2am will receive a 10 point Bling! All invites must be Level 2 or higher with a pic. Also all invites must be new members - Ppl that unsubscribe and resubscribe under a member as an invite will not count in the contest - Lets play fair and have fun. (make sure your invites say that you sent them so we can track it for the contest).
>>>>BLING GIVE AWAYS ALL NIGHT LONG WITH FUN GAMES!!! All Night long we'll play lots of in house games to test your knowledge and skills and give you more ways to win Bling. There will be lots of ways to win including Name that tune, Trivia, Remember the Lyrics, Title Twister and more... Throughout the night WE WILL GIVE OUT OVER 25 Bling Credits and lots of Fubucks as well!! All winners are judged by the staff posing the contest or question .... and their decisions are final.)
AGAIN, LET'S have a great time ... We want our members to have a Blast in the Bing and get some Bling Bling on us. So Come spend the Night with the Family ... Its Definately an Offer You Cant Refuse. Click the Pic Below and your In Baby!

GUESS WHO IS BADA BING's NEWEST DJ!! Thats Right - Our Own Consiglieri, Confucious Man DOUG!! and .... HE IS ON AIR for His First Show ... Rockin Out with His Cock Out! ... Hmmmm lol ....DON'T MISS TONIGHTS DEBUT SHOW WITH OUR OWN DJ DOUG, BADA BINGS! HOTTEST NEW DJ FROM 6-10 PM EST IF YOU'RE NOT THERE...YOU DONT KNOW WHAT YOU'RE MISSING! Then Stay For Queeny's Rockin 80's Party! ....SO Come HANG W/ DJ DOUG...THE QUEEN...AND THE REST OF THA FAMILY TONIGHT ONLY IN BADA BING...AWESOME TUNES...GREAT FRIENDS....GOOD TIMES...1 HELLUVA ROCKING PARTY WITH DJ DOUG ... COme show him some Mad Bada Bing Love...if you're still readin this then you've waited too long....come on in......WE'D LOVE TO HAVE YOU......just click the pic and you're there!!! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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