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57 Year Old · Female · Joined on July 19, 2009 · Relationship status: Single · Born on June 26th


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I am a Retired FEMALE Harmony Backup Singer for Rock-n-Roll and Country Music bands for 20yrs. I've recorded in Nashville and loved every minute of it. I am single and love my Family, my friends and all of my online friends. I am happy with my life and very independent. I have 5 beautiful grandchildren, another one on the way, and two gorgeous daughters.

I DO NOT DO DRAMA of ANY Kind! Save it for YOUR MOMMA!

I have finally finished radiation treatments for Breast Cancer and feel good about that part being over. It was a horrendous experience and I hope that is the end of that "little bastard's" lifespan! I refuse to buckle down in sadness or to the Devil's dang wishes about having Breast Cancer. There is quite a huge amount of sufferage with Breast Cancer disease, so if you know anyone with it, please show them kindness and mercy every chance you get! I do have permanent nerve damage from the surgery and will have to deal with that daily.

All of my friends and family, online & offline, have been so supportive that it has brought me to tears knowing so many really cared that much about me. I do know now that my daughters and my grandchildren need me and I have to hang on and fight for their sakes.

I will reside back home in Memphis, TN, now that treatment is over. I can't see me being away from my daughters and grandchildren ever again because of this disease! Time is to precious to waste, a lesson I learned through the radiation process and through the mending from surgery.

57 Year Old · Female · Joined on July 19, 2009 · Relationship status: Single · Born on June 26th

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