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Sexy Amputee's blog: "Life sucks"

created on 06/04/2007  |  http://fubar.com/life-sucks/b88627
Baby StepMomma ok, here's another rant... a little background info--normally my son is watched by a woman who watches a coworker of mine's young son too... however with school out, her older boys and my coworkers oldest are also needing to be watched, so I told Marilyn that to make things a little easier on her and because Braden's stepsisters are coming up from Florida this summer, that baby stepmomma would watch him. Also, the custody agreement through Friend of the Court states that through the month of July, Shawn gets Braden Monday through Friday... SO I reminded Shawn and informed Brandy that it was Shawn's responsibility to pay for day care that month since he has him. And today it starts... I receive a text from Baby Stepmomma asking why should Shawn pay for day care when they are taking it out of his check with the child support. I told her that with him having "custody" of him during the week for that month that it is his responsibility and he'll have to file a paper with FOC for them to reduce his child support for the month. Her response: Yea, but they're are still taking it out of his check, it's not fair that he should still have to pay it... and wait until the courts take care of it. I reminded her that I have been paying day care expenses on my own for several months since I have not received child support from him in a while. She still bitched. I told her to have him take it up with FOC. I mean, it's not unfair of me to refuse to pay it, is it?? Am I being a bitch?? I feel like they are trying to take advantage of me. I don't know
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