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Check out this hilarious shit! The love story between Freddy and Nancy. https://vimeo.com/126064218

So I was chatting with this guy in a forum, just sharing ideas about space travel. This chic then gets involved in our convo, No prob, she's obviously not on our level with the understanding, but not rude. I began talking about The Rosetta mission and what has been discovered so far from the comet. She then started to try and convince us that "We can't send anything outside of earth's orbit until we're able to achieve light travel" ... WTF!!................wtf... So we began to explain to her the long history of that not being true, still just sharing info. She felt we were being rude, and started being a little bitch about it, go figure right, typical of those without a penis.. So we started posting links like crazy, and she was getting way outta hand.... one thing that set her off, was when she said something like, "You guys are way sci-fi, next your gonna say people are going to be able to fly." Which I replied, "Hum, well we can.... we do it everyday using these magic chariots called jet airplanes." ...... and then she said, "I know about airplanes dumb-ass, that's how I got to Texas. Everyone knows about flying moron!" <----- Wtf is that!? I'm really...... well fuck I don't know, but that was fuckin stupid. We then started to ignore her continuing on with our conversation..... until she posted this. it was a link to one of those we've never been to the moon sites plus extra we're stupid for space bonus bullshit, and she said, "We can't even make it to our own moon. We can't send any craft out into space because it would require power, and it would have to carry a ridiculous about of fuel payload...." She then said, I mean really said, "You can't just shut that shit off in space,......(rewind)..... You can't just shut that shit off in space......, it needs power. So goodluck fags, hope your Star Trek thing works. Maybe some day we'll actually get something to the moon." .......... So I replied, "Hey Bitch! Someday we're gonna put a rover on mars!"  Guyz with Bongz
New Poster for the new Serving the Empire TNG Coming this Summer
Trooper 420 is back in his continuing saga Serving the Empire. After a demotion he finds him self working in the famous Reactor Room with a new work mate and co-workers. Expect to see more pop-culture favs stopping by and some new foes.  

A Washington man is now facing indecent exposure charges after he exposed himself and humped the window of a local sandwich shop.

Imagine yourself enjoying a Philly Cheese Stake, when suddenly a man outside drops his pants and starts making love to the window. It's scary to think about, but it was a reality some Seattle employees had to face in late October.

36-year-old Lydell Coleman allegedly dropped his pants and then pushed his genitals against the window of a Sub Shop in Seattle Continue Reading...

Police pull over two young men in a pre-hurricane traffic stop, and smell a strong Oder of marijuana. That's when the passenger asks officers if they could find their bag of weed which was dropped earlier at a nearby levee.

Kenner Police stopped two young men near businesses that were closed due to the coming of Hurricane Isaac. The vehicle didn't have a valid registration sticker, but this routine traffic stop was anything but ordinary.

According to the Times-Picayune, the officer smelled marijuana when he approached the vehicle of 18-year-old Chad Nicholson who was driving, and his passenger 21-year-old Jason Ray Sr. After Nicholson was unable to provide a driver's license, he allegedly told the officer that they had been smoking marijuana and they had more, but he wasn't sure where.

Ray then said there was about an ounce under a seat, but when police inspected the car there no no marijuana to be found. That's when Ray allegedly said to the officer, "I hope it didn't fall out of my lap when I got out of the car by the levee. Can you go get my weed?"

He then told police were he had exited the car by a nearby levee, and just where he said it was, is where officers found almost an ounce of marijuana.

Both Chad Nicholson and Jason Ray Sr were arrested for possessing marijuana, and possession with intent to distribute. Nicholson was also arrested for driving without a license and with an expired tag.

Let this be a lesson of what not to do when pulled over by police. Practice your rights, and just remain silent.

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I see so many people being Gothic little emo faggots online on a constant basis, and when it comes down to it, their stupid little bitches are ones that I pray to have. If I were to share my worries and air out my real concerns and what I consider my trivial bitches about my own life online, a thousand would kill themselves by my words alone. Maybe more should just keep their little Miley  Cyrus bitches to them selves and grow the fuck up and not spend so much time online griping about their chosen "my chemical romance" life style, and step up and speak out about real issues rather then non issues. So much time pointing out james holmes, but not enough on Ron Paul's message.....   Everyone has become the goth kids from South Park, complaining about everyone else while being everyone else talking around the logic rather then discussing the means and pointing out the real logic of all of our demise. Why claim to be individual while being everyone? It makes me sick! Did Lady Gaga really have that much of an impact on reality, or are we all just making issues around the real problems so that we can keep our nice sparkling little shits, like our cell phones?  Someone was just raped and murdered today over a crack rock, Ron Paul gave up on freedom as everyone else cared about backing the federal governments illegal involvement in states rights, a child was neglected because someone wanted to care about obama being black rather then then the fact that he destroys American values, and others care about poor immigrants while our own vets are hungry in the streets..... I wish I could point out the app that could explain that to everyone. Yet here we still bitch about Clint Eastwood, Fuck you! 

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