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created on 11/06/2008  |
Fu-Owned Auction 5! "Happy Valentines Day!" Wanna be my Valentine? Well now you can have me as your Valentine for 30 days! Click the tag to place that ridiculous bid or just to rate it since rates count big too! XOXOX *muah* TY! =)
It's a His & Her Valentines Day Auction! Click the pic to show me love by rating & bidding on me =) xoxox (more offers in the comments - check 'em out, click the pic!)
Yes... TWO Christmas Auctions!!! *YaY* =) Click the tag to bid & if u can't bid, please rate! Thank You!!!! xoxox
Santa's Little Helper's Auction! Dec. 14th-Dec. 21st Come & Own Me For Xmas This Year! Click Tag To Bid
Ok so most of the offers in most auctions have alot of the same basic stuff which is fine but I'm kinda getting bored with them, or mine @ least lol So I'm looking to all of you to help me come up with some ideas for my new auction offer! So please feel free to comment with your ideas, what would make you wanna bid, etc. Thanks so much for your help!!! (and please keep it within reason if @ all possible lol) Thanks Again! xoxox Stace
Well apparently it's auction season! If you missed your chance in the Godfather/Godmother auction you have 2 more chances to own me! Here's Auction #2! xoxox Stace (Rates count too so bomb away! lol)
As of right now there are 3 new auctions coming up which I'm in! lol 2 are starting on Thursday, Nov. 20th & 1 the begining of December. I will post a new blog for each one with all the info & a link of course so be on the lookout! :D xoxox
I'm up for auction & the highest bidder wins... me & everything in my offer lol! (well for 1 month @ least lol) Check out the Bulletin for the Godfather/Godmother Auction & here's the link to my auction! =) Bid.. & bid often... please? *wink* Also, please remember 1. this is a CASH ONLY auction & 2. rates count too!!! So if you can't bid, please rate! If you have any questions or want to discuss a possible bid please send me a PM Thanx for looking! xoxoxo Stace
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