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As I walk this path alone,
Gales, blizzards of sleet and snow.
Cold, tired and hungry.
Desperate for shelter where golden embers glow.

Where will this road take me?
Will there be sunshine, blue skies,
A cosy place to lay my head.
And watch the sunrise.

I have roamed for so long now.
My bones are weary, feet sore.
My ancient years need comfort, peace.
My eyes, ears, no longer good as before.

No longer chasing shadows, kitten tails,
Birds, moths, such delicious feasts.
My time will come, join my friends; enemies too.
For I was king of beasts.

Scars I carry inside and out, of loved ones lost,
And those in battle and defence.
I know that one day I'll join them soon.
No more will muscles tense.

Stories of old, a place of such peace,
Where butterflies dance at your feet,
It seemed a long time away, gets closer each day.
Those reeds of grass, that cosy place to sleep.

Will this path take me to this place?
Or is it just a dream and soon I'll awake.
My pads sore, my hunger now desperate,
My aged bones and heart now ache.

My coat still keeps me warm, but my heart is cold
I must stop soon, now it is my time,
Rest for awhile, reminisce of stories of old.
Proud, agile, me in my prime.

Eyes shut tight, I see my dream, sunshine, blue skies,
My hunger sated, pads no longer sore,
Butterflies dancing at my feet
My golden stripy coat glistens as it did before.

My friends are with me, enemies none.
Time so fast has flown
Nine lives used up, just peace, tranquillity.
For I was the cat that walked alone.

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