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MISTRESS POL FE2 THROB's blog: "another"

created on 11/29/2009  |  http://fubar.com/another/b326271
We look into each others eyes just as the sun begins to rise My heart begins to race as u hold me in your loving embrace I knew it from the very start that ud be the one to melt my heart. The way you see into my soul my love for you continues to grow. Hold my hand as i hold yours and together we will open all closed doors

watching the storm clouds rolling in

feeling the darkness enveloping me

waiting for the downpour

let it raid down on me

hide away my tears

desperate for the light to shine in

the darkness begins to smother me

deeper and deeper i fall

harder and harder it becomes

losing all the light and the air

darker and darker it has become


Why was I such a fool,

Falling in love with you.

Shouldve known from the start,

You would only break my heart.

I only have myself to blame,

wishing you could feel the same.

My heart races with your touch,

Why do I love so much.

Thinking of you brings me to tears,

Holding you calms my fears.

Why was I such a fool.

To think your love was true.

Standing here in the rain

I just want to hide the pain

I should've known it from the start

that you would only break my heart

You told me that your love was true

and yet I'm standing here feeling blue

I gave you the best of me

yet you found it so easy to let me be

Here I am with my heart in pieces

all the while your love for me ceases



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