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1. My name— you should know it by now..if not ask me..i'll lie to ya. 2.WHY ARE YOU SINGLE -- I guess I haven’t really been throwing bait…or no one is fishing in my direction. 3. WHAT IS MY IDEA OF A PERFECT SOUL MATE? A woman who loves God and has a relationship with him. A simple woman 4. What is my ideal relationship? a relationship where there is an agreement of the minds..where not too much is spoken or gestured.. 5. What makes me the woman/man that I am now? My life experiences. 6. Where do u see yourself in the next five yrs with regard to having a family? i am not sure..what will be will be 7. IF I COULD CHANGE 5 THINGS ABOUT MYSELF WHAT WOULD THE BE AND WHY? my sense of individuality, my procastinating ways, be more spiritual, develop excellent social skills, learn to enjoy life with others. 8. DO I LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY? .... 9. HOW IMPORTANT IS GOD IN MY LIFE? God is essential…nothing else matters if I don’t have Him…and I am nothing without Him. Still i am FAAAARRRRR from HIM. 10.AM I A SENSUAL WOMAN/MAN? it depends 11. WHAT AM I LOOKING FOR IF NOT LOOKING FOR A RELATIONSHIP? simplicity.. 12. DO I BELIEVE IN PREMARITAL OR CASUAL SEX? NOPE. i know this is open to debate, but i think it is one of the relationship killers in our society today. it took me a while to come to my own conclusion. Here is the kicker though, i have had sex, never been married and chances are i am going to have numerous amount of sex before i get married even though i do not believe in it.
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