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~~~~~~SHADOWS OF PAIN~~~~~~ Shadows of pain they see in your eyes you hope you have hidden it and don’t know why. The pain from life in a separate time the sorrows you fill for the child you were, but could never be. The things you had to do just to hid the makes left upon you by some one close again the curl hands of fate place you in this never ending debate of will you see the sun again or make a mistake and it all will end. The friends you thought were your never there to care, but to add pain to a heart of a child brused and broken with shadows of pain from battles all done in vain. They would taunt you and call you names never knowing that this would never help only make u fill stupid and shadowed with blame “It’s all my fault if I’d only been better.” ………… I have ended this here to make you think about the people and kids unkind and curl. For the kids that have been in this time and place words can hurt more then u know when they have actions we do not see already giving them pain and sorrow of another kind. The people who make a child be not what they are and make them wonder “will I see another bright star” Its there fault for the pain the sorrow and the sham. A child should not have worries of this kind. They should be free to love with an unworried mind, to play in the rain or in the sunshine to laugh at things and wonder how and why? Love them hold them and teach them right….never let them have a past like mine and wonder if I’d only been better… is never a question they should have to wonder.
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