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lil laughing wolf's blog: "Another Day"

created on 10/16/2006  |
Well it just started snowing abit ago! It looks like a huge snow globe...minus the But either way it is so beautiful! I just had to share! I hope everyone eles is haveing a wonderful week!
*Sigh* dropped him off @ the airport, sat with him untill he had to go through to the boarding area then I can home. The appartment is just so empty, quite and lonely now....I did most all my crying this morning and some @ the airpost so for now I am done. It is going to take me acouple of days to get use to him not sleeping next to me and just not being here. It was so wonderful to have him home...but tomarrow he goes in and the talk to him andout a treatment pane and how long, so hopefully we will know how soon he will be home to stay. Right now the dogs are whinning cause of him not comeing back with me and Kelsi has been wandering around the house looking for him. I'm sure the dogs know what happened, but Kelsi does not. Well back to me eatting canned or frozen stuff, I hate to cook for just me so I normaly dont. Dont get me wronge I love to cook, but for just one person I just dont see the point. I do have left overs that will probbly last me a week so thats good. Well loves to all, have a super awsome week!
Well in one week he will be may just be for his leave but I dont care it has been almost 5 months since we have seen each other and we have alot of catching up to I have planned lots of really nice dinners for him, he is happy he will not be eatting militay told me he not hates scrambled eggs....I guess that is something the have everyday as a choise for breakfast. We have been haveing rain, I am hopeing for some snow while he is here....maybe it will snow and he wont be able to leave.....Hay, I can hope cant I. Well hope everyone has a great weekend. ~I beg you to, forgive me for what I have yet done and love me for what I have to do.
Well I have the greatest news. Russ is comeing home for 9 days!!! I am so excited and just cant wait. It has been almost 5 months since we seen each other. I miss him so much. We had to even put our wedding off when we got the news of his deployment....yes I was very upset but he is worth waitting for to me.(We allready call each other husband and wife.) Hell I waitted 6 months for him last Oh and the jeep had a cracked hose so it was nothing serious...another great thing. :D Well hope everyone has a super week.... love from the jeep cult, AK. OIIIO
**Sigh** Well today started off good, it was sunny (a rare thing in Juneau) but then the jeep deside to be an evil beast...It started to over heat and I wasnt even driveing very far! I think the water pump deside to die on as of tomarrow the jeep goes into the dealership to get looked at, hopefully it will be nothing expencive. At least I got my shopping done, I would have had no food in the house if I hadnt. I am also still waitting to see if they are going to let Russ come home for leave at the end of this month, I hope they do I miss him so much and it will be 5 months since we have seen each other on the 6th. Well love from the jeep cult, Ak. OIIIO
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