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Hello my friends. I have returned after 8 mths of being offline. 8 mths is a long 'n stressful time. I come 2 my page 'n faces of friends i barely remember.Those r the faces that need help me remember. I will have 2 take sum much needed time online, 'n stroll thru my page, 2 remember. Although it would b very helpful if u could all send me a message 2 assist me w my quest.. i would greatly appreciate it...TY PS. I will b updating my page asap.
Have new photos 2 download, but will do them when i have chosen the one's 2 load. 8 mths of healing n recooperating, but i'm coming back slowly. Miss my friends here. Have a great day, folks. If u live in Texas or any part of the Gulf Coast, Fla, Miss, etc, or anywhere up from the gulf, i wish u much luck in the days of those tropical storms.
I just wanted 2 stop by and say hello 2 all my friends. I am conitnuing 2 heal from my surgery in Jan. I am able 2 go out 4 alittle while and go on computer 2 ck out my sites and clear emails. I need 2 limit my time, walking on ice 4 instance, is painful. Even tho i am in a cast at this time, i can only walk until i tire out. March 4th, i get this cast off. Then i get in2 an Aircast and therapy. 4 now, i just wanted 2 say hello and wish u all a great day!
I just wanted u 2 know, that in Jan 08, i will be unable 2 visit 4 a couple of mths, or if i'm lucky 2 get 2 a computer, i'll shall. But i cannot promise anything. Anyway, just thought i would send u all a shot blog and tell u i will be going 4 surgery on my right ankle and i will b in a cast 4 2 months. I will be thinking of u and missing those u who care enuff 2 let me know by sending me messages and comments. I will b able 2 visit up until Dec 31st, 07 and maybe a couple of days after. I'm not sure when i will be going in2 the hospital. I will write and let u know when i find out. Thnx my dear friends---
no longer do i have what i thought was the man i had been searching 4, altho we r still friends. I found out something about him, that i had thought i would've been able 2 4get and feel safe. But, that's not the case. It turns out that 2gether we r not sexually compatible, told me we would things out, and that didn't happen eother. He kept bugging me about something i refuse 2 as he said "I care about u 2 much 2 allow myself 2 control u in2 doing something u don't want 2 do" So, no longer is he in my life as more than friends. So, remember this, if u have a friend who means alot 2 u, and there is a problem, discuss it don't put it off and lie about it. And don't wait 2 discuss it either. U can't work things out if u don't give each other the time 2 do so. thnx 4 ur time...
Just want 2 apologize 2 all my friends, family and fans. i got a bad sunburn on my face and arms over the weekend, and touching it 2 ut on lotion or aloe spray, makes me sick. By the way, i'm tryng 2 put something on2 my page, so the my friends can send me private thoughts. Now that i am back, i will try again. U'll see when it's on. 4 now, have a great day.
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