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cottonblossom's blog: "Anew year!"

created on 01/20/2009  |

I cant stay long but i wanted to say im sorry i havent been online in forever yet again but theres alot goin on and i dont really wanna get into detail but i luv yall and thank you for all the messages and b-day wishes i will get back to each of you as soon as i can.Please dont hate me for not gettin back to you today and not bein around but i luv yall and i really do miss u guys and i want nothin more then to beable to get on here and catch up with everyone!  Licks and spanks to yall! XOXOXO

Well I havent been around in seems like years! Not sure how many of you will read this since I havent been around to keep in touch with anyone, but I do hope that you all are doin great! I miss ya's and even though I dont get online like I use to I will make an effort to get on at least everyday while the kids are at school. I hope yall had a wonderful New Years! Mine was pretty good, spent it with the hubby and my cousin and her boyfriend. I do hope yall can forgive me for not bein around, if not then not sure what else to tell ya other then im sorry for not bein able to get online to play. I started to babysit again, and my son is involved it Scouts, and in Basketball. My daughter is in gymnastics. So needless to say I do keep myself very busy everyday of the week. Weekends are just as bad, we have a basketball game on Sats, and then go and visit grandma, and Sundays well that is for me and the kids whenever hubby is at work. We sit around and play a ton of board games. My daughter is gettin pretty good at life, we can never seem to beat her, she always wins!! Anyway I will keep this short, but I do miss ya guys and I hope to start catchin up with yall real soon!! Miss ya's and luv ya's. xoxo -cotton
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