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Woke up this morning to some funny sounds next to me and wondered what was my cat, Pumpkin up to now? I sit up and looked to my left at the bedside antique dresser not to see my cat there, but a baby possum staring at me. Now, it's been awhile since I woke to another in bed with me, but for some reason, a possum just wasn't one I thought would! My cat was sitting on the other dresser staring at the possum then to me and back to the possum and the possum - who's just a baby about the size of an adult pet rat - just wiggled its nose at me before jumping off and scurrying under my bed. After calling animal control and waiting 3 hours with the poor thing closed in my bedroom, the guy could NOT find it! He said it's probably up inside your bed until nightfall... great. I'm off to the Happiest Place on Earth to work until 8:30 tonight and leaving my roommate to watch for a wayward baby possum and a wigged out cat running all around the house looking for it.. All I want is for the poor thing to be back outside with its family, but oh well, might get something warm and furry to sleep with again :P UPDATE******** That night, got a migraine and went to bed early, only to be awakened after midnight by a roomie yelling I FOUND THE POSSUM in our bathroom! Damned baby possum been in the house all damned day! So door was shut to deal with it in the morning, my head hurt and vision was blurry and the male roommate was running back to his bedroom (sheesh) First thing yesterday morning open bathroom to check on it and it was gone - poof, no where to be seen! This is a 1930 California style bungalow home the roommates and I rent and there's an old fashioned claw tub/shower and thought it might have climbed down the pipe - because not in the cabinets or anywhere! I had to leave for work and last night business as usual with being online and watching TV and went to bed around midnight... 4:45 am (yawn) this morning I hear noises and popped up and flipped on light - never make noises to irritate an ex cop during the night - and my poor cat was sitting in the doorway to my room looking underneath this very computer table I'm sitting at now and I pull back the chair to see that damned possum looking up at me before running back to my closet. I grabbed a blankie and went to living room and laid down on the sofa with my cat to try and catch some more sleep....only to have possum come into the living room and make more noises behind the fish tank and then I finally found it behind the TV.. (yawn) So I left the cat in the living room to keep an eye on it and I came back to bed and got at least another 30 minutes of sleep before the neighbors woke me up and here I am. Possum now under the loveseat in living room with my cat staring at the sofa.. cannot call animal control until 8am. Never figured I would have a possum for a stalker - see the luck I have? Went back into the living room and found it sitting on top of my grandmother's rocking chair! Grabbed a picture of it with my cell phone and then just shut the door to the hallway and bedrooms. When one roommate woke up we tried to knock it into a box but it got away and finally trapped it inside a small table/cabinet thingie I have and animal control finally just got here and found it had slipped away from us again! But we found where it was getting in and out - an old set into the wall heating grate, so tried to close it off best we could until we can figure out how else to seal it off and not before trying to get ready for work... Thursday night was a night of 5 possums running through my bedroom, one after the other.. caught and tossed out 3 of them, one ran under the sofa and the other ran into bathroom and got shut in. On actually ran across my foot and stared up at me... these babies are brazen lil goobers! Got sick yesterday and home from work, guess no sleep didn't help me any :P Got possum trappers coming out today! We know know where they come into the house, now to get them from getting in under the house, which, in turn, prevents them from coming inside the house! Oh to have a night's full uninterrupted sleep!!!!
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