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An Enticing Evening Roger W. Miracle Jr. 09Sept06 Time slows as I follow this heavenly specter down the hall to my bedroom. As each second crawls by my senses are bombarded by every fiber of her essence. Her scent engulfs my nasal passages. The scent is a delicate mixture of sweet jasmine and hot pheromones. With each breath, Iím further entranced by it. My focus moves to her body. With every step, I take down the hallway I see more and more of her angelic frame. Every five steps forward equates to another article of delicate clothing falling to the floor. First, itís her fantasy-inducing blouse. The blouse seems to float like a feather to the solid wood floor. It seems to take only five steps for the blouse hits the floor and for her to begin to undo her form fitting jeans. She stops just long enough to entice me even more with a sensuous strip tease. My steps continue to fall short of hers. My eyes watch intensely as her jeans slowly exposes each delicate inch of her hips and thighs. My body temperature increases with each newly exposed inch. It seems to take an eternity for the cotton denim fibers to reach the floor. She slowly steps out of her jeans, which is now in a pile on the floor. Once free from her jeans, she continues walking down the hall with me following. She then begins unhooking her soft cotton fiber bra. She lets the backing hang free as she stops again. This time to tease me as she slowly removes her bra. She begins her tease exposing her lovely bust line inch by delightful inch. My pulse quickens with each inch of soft, warm flesh that she exposes to my hungry eyes. After another eternal lapse of time, she releases her soft cotton bra. The bra floats effortlessly to the solid oak floor as if it was a feather in the breeze. Iím dumbfounded at the beauty of body. I gaze upon this gorgeous creature that is barely a stride from me. Her body taunts me as she turns and resumes walking down the hall to my room. I follow her, admiring her arousing, curveous body. She allows me to close with her as she reaches the door. Our bodies connect with less than an inch to spare. We kiss for an eternity before we enter the room. Once in the room, I guide her to the bed. I begin to lower her onto the bed like the delicate creature she is. We kiss, this time only for a moment. I break the kiss and begin to devoure her gorgeous body inch by delicious inch. With my lips and tongue, I begin to explore, map her gorgeous body like a foreign continent. I reach her waist and begin to remove her soft cotton thong. As I do, I begin kissing each inch of soft, gorgeous skin I expose. I kiss my way down to her beautiful feet and remove her thong. I move up to the newly exposed tunnel and begin to orally explore it. Our love lasts all night.
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