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All along

It hurts when you realize it was you all along. There was no one else responsible for all that has happend, all that went wrong.

It sucks when you realize, it was you all along. Ur the reason ur life is in shambles, that u cant stay still. Ur the reason nothing works the way you hope it will.


It breaks ur heart when it comes to ur attention.. that ur the one making ur relationship fall apart.


This whole time, ur thinking about what it is that he may be doing wrong.. only to find out.. it was u all along. Ur thre one whining, ur the one bitching.. ur the one not trusting. Ur the one failing.


U fail at everything else in ur life.. why should love be different? because u have faith? no! There is no hope for thre lost... for the blind... my heart was burried lng ago.. and I was left behind. I dont deserve u...


u need someone better... i am no longer mad.. for all that I know... cuz now i understand why. Its me. Always has been. I dont knwo why u still want me..



we hardly talk, never sleep together, if we're in the same room... it just never seems perfect.


U dont need me. If i knew what was good for u... I would have left ... I should... but i cant break myself from u.... i need to... how do I turn away? I loveu so much.. i wanna stay.. but if I do.. I only hurt u more...


Lost and confused

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