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none's blog: "Adults?"

created on 04/04/2008  |  http://fubar.com/adults/b204451
Why is it that there are so many people on Fubar that feel it is okay to bash others, make nasty comments, and make people feel bad and call others children, when in reality they are the children. Children are the ones that make fun of each other and pick on each other. Adults are the ones that are suppose to be the role models and teach children what is right and wrong. Is it me or do others see the same thing. Just because you are 18 years old that does not make you an adult. I feel people need to stop and think before they really hurt somebody by their words. You never know who you are making fun of and what that persons situation is. Stop and think would you want someone doing that to you and dont say i dont care because everybody does care. Please comment and let me know if others feel the same as I do .
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13 years ago
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