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ACTS OF COMPASSION: what im about to write is true, completely through and through this little short store is a person i know i will leave his name out because it is his wish that i do so. i am compelled to write this but i i do not know what purpose it may serve, the name of the man who i did this is witheld because it is written that what one does for you his is own glory among men and surely have a reward, but that done in secret your reward is laid up in heaven, for this reason the mans name is withheld. i know a man that lived for a time in a homeless shelter we were treated no better than criminals under house arrest or we would have to sleep in the streets, it was late winter and spring held promise for warmer days. this man had lost everything he ever had, left with only the clothes he could carry and what he wore. the shelter would have everyone clean the building each day and on week days everyone including the disabled would have to go out by 8:30 am where not to return until after 4pm, there was really not a place for them for them to go, but hang out in the cold weather or public, library. this is about the only place this man and i could go to keep from getting cold and sick. on certain days of the week the churches would serve hot dinners if you didnt get anything for breakfast you had nothing until dinner time. one day this man and i found about a church that had a food hand out on wednesday. about the noon hour. we had no breakfast so we decided to go there for lunch not knowing what it was really about. we got to go to the church alittle early because we were curious of what it was all about on top of wanting a little lunch to tie over until dinner time. we stood outside and waited until it was time to go in doors. while outside waiting Quite a few others had shown up. being mostly deaf i didnt talk much. i was in the process of getting a hearing aid to be able to work. people dont like repeating themselves especaily in a working enviroment the time had come where we were allowed to in the church and instructed to go in a chapel area and to wait there, we walked past some folding tables that were set up in a curved shaped. food was being stacked on them right away we knew that the stuff was being taken home yet there was some that was pre-cooked. would be ok for lunch. in the chapel area we were all to take a card from the deck of cards on the table in there and to take a seat after we, were all in there. and seated i could not help but notice that some of them were over weight and not very polite in there actions the preacher said some things that could not cleary make out and had prayer then they began drawing cards for another deck, if you had a match card, you would give the card and tell how many you were getting food for, the food they were giving was clearly not enough to go around to all of them that were there with children, waiting and holding a card, as it turned out this mans card was drawn before the young lady and childs card was drawn, this man took his card and traded it with the young lady, so that she would have a better chance of getting food, she was not fat like most of the others were and appeared to be fair mannered as this man walked back to his seat someone had said " she must be a good mother"! the child was fairly behaved i noted, then our cards where drawn, near the end of the line by the time we had reached the tables the food was near gone only some bread in a box was all we could get to eat but we were happy to have that. the young lady had gone through and came back and handed that man some cooked chicken, in a plastic bag and thanked him for his kindness. it was a day i shall never forget for the rest of this life. i could not beileve how rude and selfish those others were i think that man was there for that purpose it was truly not a place to go for lunch, so it is in the world today would we give to another in a greater need then ourselfs or do we shut our eyes to the needs of others? i to to this day see that the fat people went before the young slender lady with the kid i cant help but pity them of such selfishness, how could it be that they would mock and act of compassion over one self? it still brings tears to my eyes in the thoughts of that day, may you never see things i have nor experience them. May God always keep you safe.
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