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WitchOfVenice's blog: "+ Life svcks +"

created on 12/12/2006  |  http://fubar.com/life-svcks/b33933
I am pretty sure I abhor the idea of the "Gorean" version of it. It is not beautiful, it is a stupid dream world in that version......My comment on some one's blog maintains my views perfectly : This is my comment in response to a Master's blog documentation of a recent training sesh of a new slavegirl.... "+Woah. This slavegirl's devotion is plain to see. And it is glorious. I understand where she is coming from although I view the Dom/sub lifestyle differently. I am a proud slavegirl, but for different reasons. I was not premeditated in my desire to please. My Master, The Viking inspired my intrinsic desire to submit. I don't enjoy the thought of submitting to a Man I do not know. My Lord did not [INITIALLY] demand me to be His slavegirl. His persona IRL, His ultimate TRUE confidence and aggressively intelligent mind revealed themselves to me because I got to know Him over a long period of time. And I think that is the utmost testimony to His greatness. I am His slavegirl because He deserves(and of course demands) it, not because He calls Himself a Dominant. I am a slavegirl because I am in love with my Master, not the idea of being submissive. Maybe I just don't get the Dom/sub lifestyle...but I enjoy the way my Lord and I do it! Thank you for teaching my how to be a good slavegirl to Him. And it must be said : Sir Alex is a TRUE Dominant! He does not just call himself one! Any slavegirl he owns must know she is in TRUE, good hands.+" +
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