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I'm going to make this a little short but to let everyone know, Angel got to come home today. Everything seems to be looking good now, her blood count is still a little low but it's ok. She also wanted me to tell everyone, Thank You for everything, she really appreciated it. Now, I'm going to spend sometime with my baby, it's been to long. Talk to everyone later. Blessed Be, Wildman
Well, everyone, here's the lastest. You know the other day I said that A ngel migt get to come home either late Wendesday or Thrusday, well it looks like it might not be until Fiday now. The doctor did a blood count on her and it came back low, so they gave her two pints of blood and did a catscan on her stomach last night. The results came back this afternoon and she had a abdominal hematoma. Now they are wanting to keep her a little longer to keep a eye on her blood count and all. Right now her blood count is normal and they are hoping that it will stay there. They have her off the pain drip and iv free now. Tonight, when my kids and I went to see her, she had to go to the bathroom and she wound up getting sick at the same time. That's the first time that she has gotten sick since the surgery, something that she didn't want to do. They gave her a shot, I forget what it was but it calmed her stomach down and it also put her to sleep. I know that I should not be getting worried or anything but I am some. I guess that means I have a sensitive side...lol. Well, I guess thats about it for now. I'll let everyone know when I find out more. Blessed Be everyone. Wildman
ust thought that I would let everyone know that Angel came through her surgery very good. We had to be at the horpital at 6am, tey took her to surgery around 7:30 and she was done around 10:30. Right now she is resting, has pain, when she'snot pushing her little button for pain that is. They have her on a Demarol drip, so she's feeling pretty good. The doctor said that if everything keeps going good, that she might get to come home either late Wendesday or maybe eary Thrusday. I will find out more tomorrow and I will try to update everyone again. Until then, Blessed Be. Wildman

Well, gang, we got one more day until Angel(my g/f) goes in to have her surgery. For those of you who don't know about it, read my other blog, "About my g/f", it will tell you whats going on. If you have not stopped by her page yet, swing in there, say HI, wish here the best of luck, fan her, rate her, add her if you like. I will let everyone know tomorrow night how everything went and how she is doing. Thank you, Wildman Here's her link: lildevil

@ CherryTAP

I'm in a new Tattoo contest. It run for two weeks starting 3/16/07. I could win by most rate or by most comments. So click on the link below, rate it and comment on it, by the way bombing is allowed so bomb away and don't forget about Happy Hour. Thank alot everyone. Wildman

I was just wanting to write this and ask everyone to stop by my girlfriends page and show her what CherryTap is really all about, being there for someone when they need support. Here's the deal with her, Monday, March 19th, she is going into the hospital, she will be there for a couple of days, she is going to have a little bit of surgery done, well alot in my eyes. Angel is going to go in have a complete Hysterectomy done. A couple of weeks ago she had Laparoscopy done and they found that she had endometriosis spread through out, so now the next step... Hysterectomy. She will be out of work anywhere from six to maybe eight weeks. So if everyone that reads this could, stop by here page and show here some real CT luv. If you want, add her, fan her or whatever. I will let everyone know how she did during and after the surgery. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this and talk to everyone soon. Her link is on my profile page. Once again, Thank You. Wildman lildevil @ CherryTAP
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