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paleghost's blog: "about me"

created on 03/21/2007  |  http://fubar.com/about-me/b66782
i know your probly think boy this guys one freak well your totely right im a freak and proid of it poeple call me paleghost but ill tell you my real name later as you can tell im a real big fan of anima and that im kinda a game geek as well so not all of yous will like me but ill be danmed if im going to let that keep me down ive seen alot of thinks in my 19 years of liveing around england most of them grousom like me uncle in the morning lol his a sight for not even blind poeple whoude want to see truest me lol but im kinda wierd yeah im a guy o right poems and rp play games and much much more all together im one ship or nut witch ever you prefer and yeah you know saying man go back to shcool and luarn how to spell god danm it well i have a spelling and reading problem meh that all for me for know............ oh yeah real names richard i so suck at the memory game as well lol peace out poeples have fun and lwet rock carry you to heaven
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8 years ago
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