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created on 09/20/2006  |  http://fubar.com/about-me/b4302
I was having a good weekend until that last night. Someone hit me while I was driving home and pushed me into the concrete barrier in the middle of the road. After that I slammed into the steel guard rail on the other side of the road and he kept going. A week before this wreck some one hit me with there car while I was riding my motorcycle shitty huh? My luck is shitty I don't think I want to leave home anymore. This is hopefully the end of my string of bad luck now that I have no car and a fucked up motorcycle I don't have to worry about accidents on the highway. The girl I liked and enjoyed hanging out with got sent back to the states. Somewhere in between the suck I lost my wallet including my debit card, ID, and lots of other shit that I wish I still had. I lost my wallet while I was going down the autobahn in the oppisite direction of where I should have been (Some of you know where I should have been that night). The shitty part of all this is I have been telling everyone that my luck is getting better all week long. Now I only have bad things to look forward to for the next couple of weeks. This almost makes me feel like not even getting out of bed in the morning. Sort of like today where I skipped PT and got to work 10 minutes late. No one even noticed (guess I do fly under the radar). Sorry to dull your spirits with my story of sadness. This just happened (The buttons to edit this just took a shit, but I guess some things are better in black and white right?
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