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Ok frist off I am not saying this for anyone to feel sorry for me . I never had a dad he walk out befor I even came in to this World.I meet him in 98 for the frist time . I did not want to I had a Brother that showed up. He the one that wanted to find his farther.I sayed his Because the man never did one thing in my life for me. I found out that I had 4 more sistor's & 1 more brother.They all live in Cookville TN I live in Nashville  . I have no contact with Them .  My Father passed away last month . How can you feel lost for something you never had.  I was born with Nf Neurofibromatosis s a genetic disorderthat disrupts cell growth in your nervous system,
causing tumors to form on nerve tissue.These tumors can occur anywhere in the nervous system, including in your brain, spinal
 cord, and large and small nerves..I have had surgery on lower back two time one on neck more then 15 on left eye & lelt side of face am blind in left eye & the left side of my face look's like something out of a horror
movie . People have always looked at the outside & not what in my heart . A lot of people can not see past what they see . I know to look in to some one heart that where the true beauty come from.

                                                                           Part 2

There is a old saying do jude a book by it covie . You  just might miss a dam good book .  I was blind in both eyes so to say . My left eye was open at the age of 12 . This the frist time this eyes had ever seen any kind of light . I can begin to tell the pain that went though my eyes my head . While there was any light at all I could not be in room . Even the nighttime was to bright I could not go out at night with sunglassee . for well over 13 years the only time my eyes were in less pain was the night. I was not able to see a sunrise in over 13 years . I can not telll you how beautiful it was to watch the sun come up. Not with out pain . but not like it was it was at frist. I had not even seen the sunn in all that time . I know u must bethinking how is that so. Well I could not be out in daylight so i slept in the day and was at night. I still have a little trouble with light not as much as was.   well there is more if you would like to hear . If drop me a line put on tell us more . Also I am Dysylexia I love to chat with people . It so hard sometime because I see the worlds backward or all mix up and sometime trying to spell the worlds will just be gone it like some one took the worlds from my head the spelling of the worlds wont come . I get so mad at my self . I feel like a dummy . It hard I never had a lot of friends . Because mostt people not all will look at the outside and that it . I have always been an outsider even in my family . My family was ashamed of the way i looked like i did it to myself . I thank god for the nf . Because it made me look into a person heart and not what on the outside . I wish more people could go my some one heart and not what they look like.  Please watch what you said because once you said something no matter how many times you say I am sorry . You can not take back what you said . When someone you love Family or friends say something that hurts it will always be there . Beween being hit and someone saying something hurtful , hit me please that will go away , The worlds you said will never go away .


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