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created on 12/28/2011  |  http://fubar.com/about-me/b345561

Yes I actually have my own site: http://williamdburke.com

I am of Chilean and (believed) Native South American mixed descent. I was adopted at 6 weeks old and brought to Texas and raised by my mother, grandfather, grandmother and uncle. While I had no actual father living in the house, my granddad and uncle both shared the role and as such my views have become rather conservative. I am, however, not one big on politics so I am able to see the viewpoints of those who tend to be more liberal.

I have lived a rather unique life from this sense and while it has presented it's own unique challenges it has also formed me into the individual I am today. I graduated early from my high school after feeling neglected by my friends at the time and proceeded to attend Southwestern University(not to be confused with Southwest Texas at the time), however it was not to be. My lack of political sense caused me to throw in the towel over a class which I did not understand nor care to.

Upon leaving the university I returned home and attended the local community college(Brazosport College) where mediocre grades(and the mentality leading to such) somehow managed to lead to entrance to Baylor University, where over the following 4 semesters leading up to Fall 2006 I managed to work myself into a hole from which there is sadly no recovery. While I may travel long and far my heart will always bleed green and gold.

It was at this juncture that I managed to get myself into other situations that while not illegal by any means I am not proud of.  However, life is a learning situation and I feel as though this time in my life allowed me to grow on an individual level and see what real love and relationships were. I spent 2007 living with my girlfriend at the time not doing anything besides traveling back and forth between my hometown and hers almost 150 miles away. In the fall of 2007 I found an ad in one of my favorite magazines for a technical/vocational school located in Houston where you could train to work on audio systems and custom cars and as of January 2008 I began my attendance there.

It was here that my health which had taken a back seat til now began to climb into the cockpit. I had manifested symtoms of a weak or failing gall bladder and while attending Acoustic Edge I was forced to take a medical leave in order to have my health problems taken care of. Upon my recuperation I returned and completed my training finishing with grades in the top 10% for the school. Once completed I began searching for jobs from Beaumont to Austin. I would like to think it was my fault that some of the jobs I applied for never worked out, however there was only one that was actually interested at the time and it just wasn't the right fit for me. It is here that I began to search for jobs in other areas only to find jobs that I couldn't ethically do day-in and day-out. I ended 2008 in the same manner I began it, jobless and hoping to go back to school.

That said, I re-enrolled at Brazosport and took off in a new direction. My first semester I only took 2 classes, Financial Accounting and Macroeconomics, but managed to ace both. From here I allowed my class schedule to pick up taking a full load in the summer, fall and spring the latter of which was spent between two campuses in preparation for transferring to UH - main. My final semester at Brazosport was highlighted by making dean's list.

The transfer to UH went smooth, though not all my classes the first semester could be said the same of and after completion of ACCT3366 I decided that accounting wasn't the right career path for me(and based upon testimonials from other friends I made the right decision given my age) and began pursuing the Management Information Systems track. It is here that my stories in my blog pick up as I march onward to completing my degree in MIS with a minor in accounting(there are only 3 more classes needed for the minor).

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