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Put your iPod/iTunes on shuffle (or any media player) 2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer 3. You must write that song name down no matter how silly it sounds!

If someone says "is this okay" you say?

delta dawn


What would best describe your personality as?



What do you like in a guy/girl?


when they come for me


What is your life's purpose?




What is your motto?




What do your friends think of you?




What do you often think about?




What do you think of your best friend?




What do you think of the person you like?




What is your life story?




What do you want to be when you grow up?




What do you think when you see the person you like?




What do your parents think of you?




What will you dance to at your wedding?




What will they play at your funeral?




What is your hobby/interest?




What is your biggest secret?




What do you think of your friends? 




How will you die?




What's the worst thing that could happen?




What is the one thing you regret?




What makes you laugh?




What makes you cry?




Will you ever get married?




What scares you the most?




Does anyone like you?




If you could go back in time, what would you change?




What hurts right now?




What do you say in the morning when you first wake up?




What will you post this as?



The rules: Don't take too long to think about it. Fifteen films you've seen that will always stick with you. List the first fifteen you can recall in no more than fifteen minutes.

I picked these movies in less than 15 minutes. They're not my "15 favorite films" just 15 films that I feel are very important to me and had some sort of impact on me. Believe me there are many many more that I could list.


In no real order:


1)  Footloose

2)    dirty dancing

3)    the notebook

4)   Facing the giants

5)    The Blind Side

6)  safe harbor

7)    pay it forward

8)    Precious

9)    step up

10)  drum line

11)  stomp the yard

12) Million dollar Baby

13)  platoon

14)  Hamburger hill

15) Land before time


  • You've never met ANY celebrities
  • "Vacation" means goin' through Rocky Mount on the way to Kings Dominion
  • You've seen all the biggest bands...ten years after their last hit
  • You measure distance in minutes
  • Down South to you means South Carolina
  • You know Pepsi originated in New Bern, Cheerwine in Salisbury, and that Mountain Dew was invented in Fayetteville
  • You know Coke tastes better in the little bottles and that peanuts make coke taste even better
  • You have an opinion about UNC. You went there and loved it, or you hate everyone who did
  • Your folks have taken trips to the mountains to look at leaves
  • Your school took a field trip to the State Fair in Raleigh
  • You would elect Richard Petty or Ric Flair for governor if he ever ran
  • You watched as Dale Earnhardt was the only man who ever lived who could go 200 mph, spin somebody out, flip them the bird, call them a you-know-what, and win the race all in the last lap
  • You skipped school to go to Dale Earnhardt's memorial service
  • Your friends have to buy gloves and winter coats if they go to college at Appalachian or Western Carolina
  • You know a bunch of people who have hit a deer
  • You know a few that have also hit a bear
  • You remember watching the ACC Tournament on television at school
  • The local newspaper covers state, national, and international headlines in one page, but sports require six pages
  • Most men in town consider the first day of deer season a national holiday
  • Fifty degrees Fahrenheit is "a little chilly"
  • You have no problem spelling or pronouncin' "Conetoe" or "Top Sail"
  • Your school classes were canceled because of cold
  • Your school classes were canceled because of heat
  • Your idea of a traffic jam is ten cars waitin' to pass a tractor on the highway
  • Your school classes were canceled because of a hurricane
  • Your school classes were canceled because of hunting
  • Your school classes were canceled because of a livestock show
  • You've rode the school bus for an hour...each way
  • Brown Liquor is a household staple
  • You know more about ACC basketball than professional basketball
  • You know everyone claims to hate Senator Jesse Helms but somehow he has never lost an election
  • You know the Carolina League is the greatest baseball league in the country
  • You think South Carolina was dead weight well shed
  • You know tea is served sweet unless you specifically asked for unsweetened
  • You've ever had to switch from "Heat" to "A/C" in the same day
  • You think ethanol makes your truck run a lot better
  • Stores don't have bags...they have sacks and are called Piggly Wigglys
  • You see people wearing bib overalls at funerals
  • You see a car running in the parking lot at the store with no one in it no matter what time of the year
  • You end your sentences with a preposition, for example, "Where's my coat at?" "What's that made out of?"
  • All the festivals around the state are named after a fruit, vegetable, or tobacco
  • Priming was your first job...and you know what it means
  • Your idea of a really great tenderloin is when the meat is twice as big as the bun and comes with cole slaw on top
  • You say catty-wampus, yunto, ill-ass, and ah-ite.
  • You know the difference between a deer dog, a bear dog and a coon dog by the way they bark
  • You put security lights on your house and your garage and leave both of them unlocked
  • Your four seasons are almost summer, summer, still summer, and highway construction
  • You can tell if another North Carolinian is from Eastern or Western North Carolina as soon as he opens his mouth
  • You know Krispy Kreme makes the best doughnuts!
  • You can spell words such as Ocracoke, Fuquay-Varina, and Chocowinity
  • You know the best BBQ is found in Lexington
  • You think the four major food groups are beef, pork, beer, and Jello salad with marshmallows
  • When asked how your trip to any foreign, exotic place was you say, "It was different"
  • Hyde County is considered a foreign or exotic place
  • In the Piedmont, you see all the grown-ups go out and play in the snow
  • Schools and churches hold barbecue fundraisers with banana puddin' as the dessert
  • Your folks would rather eat at Bojangles's than McDonald's
  • You have actually uttered the phrase "It's too hot to go to the pool"
  • You consider being a "Pork Queen" an honor
  • You carry jumper cables in your car
  • You know the following: Duke-Smart Asses, State-Farmer's Kids, Carolina- Preps, ECU- Drunks.
  • You faithfully drink Pepsi or Mt. Dew everyday of your life.
  • You know what "cow tipping" is.
  • You have your own secret bbq sauce.
  • You or your neighbors have more hunting dogs than you have family members.
  • You visit the NC State Fair mainly to see your neighbor's prize chicken.
  • You know where Barney Fife stays when he goes to Raleigh. (The YMCA.)
  • You say, “it don’t” instead of “it doesn’t.”
  • At least one of your female relatives has dipped snuff.
  • You eat collards, hog jowl, and black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day.
  • You sometimes eat country ham, grits and eggs for supper.
  • You measure your heating bill by the chord
  • Your luxury car is a 4x4
  • You know what a turkey shoot is
  • “Onced” and “twiced” are words.
  • It ain't the Civil War, its the War of Northern Aggression
  • Ya know what a pig pickin' is
  • A seven course meal to you means a pack of Nabs and a Pepsi
  • You remember when Easter Monday was a Holiday
  • The tractor is under your carport instead of your car
  • You know how much a "mess" of anything is
  • You say "tater" instead of "potato"
  • You say "skeeter" instead of "mosquito"
  • You say "possum" instead of "opossum"
  • You say "coon" instead of "raccoon"
  • You brag on your new John Deere
  • You know that "barbeque" means cookin pork on an open pit and a "cook out" is grilling hamburgers and hotdogs
  • Your past tense of the verb "to see" is "seen", as in "I seen ya at the auction yesterday."
  • You know that "Pop" is a sound; and "Soda" is used for baking
  • You show this to some NC friends 'cuz ya know it's true, darlin'

Using only song names from ONE ARTIST, cleverly answer these questions. Pass it on to 15 people and include me. You can't use the band I used. Try not to repeat a song title. It's a lot harder than you think!



Pick your Artist: Linkin Park


Are you a male or female? in the end 


Describe yourself: Leave out all the rest


How do you feel: Crawling 


Describe where you currently live: Hands held high


If you could go anywhere, where would you go: place for my head


Your favorite form of transportation: easier to run


Your best friend is: Head Strong


What's the weather like: My December


Favorite time of day: Shadow of the day


If your life was a TV show, what would it be called: Somewere i belong 


Your relationship: With you


Your fear:When they come for me 


What is the best advice you have to give: Breaking the habit


Thought for the Day: Bleed it out

~Boring Basics~

What do people call you?::  

Georgia , Mamma , Geo , Baby 


Female :)

 How long have you been living?::

32 years

Where were you born?: 

Wake Medical Center in Raleigh :)

Where do you reside?::

Grantham :)

Who do you live with?::

 Christopher,Kris, Drew, Ash, Koda, and Hansel :)

Any pets?:

Koda and Hansel :p



Nope :D




4'11" O.o

Eye color?:: 

 Brown :)

Skin color?::

White :)


Dark Brown

Wear glasses/contacts?:

Used to but not anymore :p

Any piercings?:



yes on my arm :)

What can you usually be seen wearing?::


Jeans , T shirt, Flip flops


No hate it  :)


Heart necklace with mine and hubbys wedding bands hangin on it  :)

Do you like the way you look?:: 


Not really. :)

What would you change?::

The baby fat i gained gone  D:



How do you normally feel?:: Tired  :) 

What is usually on your mind?:: Alot  :) 

How would you describe your personality?:: ugh dont know xD

Do you hide how you really feel or show it?:: Hide it.... :p

Do you like how you think?:: Sometimes no  :)

Do you have low self-esteem??: Yes o.o

Are you confident: umm not really :)


~Love/Relationships/And all that fun stuff~

Single or taken?: Taken

If single, How long have you been single?:: 

How many past relationships did you have?::


Why did the last one end?:: 

Because it did,

Are you currently in search for a significant other?:: No im Married to my one and only:)


Ever been kissed?: plenty:)

How old were you when you got your first kiss?:Baby lmao

How many people have you kissed?:


How about that tongue?: 

not periced if thats what you are asking lmao

Ever been in love?:: yep. still am


Do you believe in love?: Very much so.

Any regrets?:: Not really.

Do you like being single better or being taken?::


If taken, What is your significant other’s name?::


How long have you been together?:: -

Almost 8 years

Where did you meet?:: -

Papa Johns we both worked there

Describe them.: -

Sexy , Kid at Heart , out going wild and crazy

Virgin or no?

i got 5 kids what do you think

 What kind of person are you attracted to?:: Crazy wild type(:



How many close friends do you have?:umm not many

Who always makes you smile?:

My Husband

Makes you laugh?: Chris and my kids :)

Makes you happy?: Family :)

Who is always there for you?: Husband :)

Who can you trust the most?: My Husband :)

Trust the least?: I have a couple but not saying lol :)

Who would you give your life for?: My Kids And Husband:)

Are you social?:Online yes:)

Do you like to talk to people?: Yess online :)

Are you a conversation starter?: Not really lol :)

Do you like to be the center of attention?:

No Im shy  :)

Would you just like to be unnoticed?: Sometimes :)

Do social situations make you nervous?:

Yes im not a people person :)

Do you talk to strangers?: if i need to yeah:)

What is one weird encounter you’ve had with a stranger?:

cant think of one  :)

What’s one of the nicest things someone said to you?: You're  beautiful :)

One of the meanest?: Called me A Bad Mother ? xD


~This or That~

Phone or IM?: im

Lights on or off?: On

Talk or listen?: Listen

Wax or shave?: Shave

Write or type?: Write

Burn in hell with people you love or be in heaven alone?:Heaven cause they would have to be big time sinners to be in Hell so

Have someone stab you or stab yourself?:


 Kiss (a long one not a peck) a family member or someone of the same sex:

Same Sex

Kill yourself or someone else?: Neither


Be blind or deaf?:


Shower or bath?: Shower

Hot tub or pool?: Pool

Be entertained or entertain?: Be Entertained

White chocolate or dark chocolate?: White Chocolate ^-^

Outdoors or indoors?: indoors



Eating?: Nuffin

Drinking?: Tea

Listening to?:  Quiet! :)


Cotten Pants and tshirt:)

Talking to?: noone at all.


This Survey

Thinking?: About things

How ya feeling?: Bored.....

Book reading?: Joan Johnston's A strangers Game  :)



Ate?:Rice And Chicken :)



Listened to?: lil wayne's dadada :)

Wore?:night gown :)

Talked to?: Shades and hubby >.>

Said?: Crazy stuff you dont want to know lol:)

Did?: Facebook/Ghost Recon

Watched?: Kids drive the gocarts :p

Time you vomited?:

It's been a while.

Were sick?:

A while back.

Cry?: Came close last night.......


Book read?: Dragon Tears Dean Koontz

Movie watched?: The roomate

Person hugged?:

Husband And his mom Today.

Person kissed?: Husband And His Mom 

Person you saw?:

Vickie Larry Kids Hubby

Hospital visit?: Wayne Memorial .... With erik My Son



What annoys the mess out of you?:People smacking while eating ugh 

What do your sheets look like?:Messy hubby is in bed now lol

Have any nifty talents?: i wish

Been to any neat places?:Yeah Washington Dc For the 4th of july About 11 years ago

you into the whole religion thing?: Christian, but i dont go to church

you like fuzzy stuff?: yepp:)

what about sparkly and glittery stuff?:  sure :)

you could get rid of one thing in the world what would it be?: Baby Fat i gained ugh  D:

FULL NAME : Georgia Boyette

AGE: 32

BIRTHDATE : August , 16th


1. last beverage = Tea

2. last phone call = Chris

3. last text message = Chris

4. last song you listened to = Im sexy and i know it by lmfao

5. last time you cried = night before last i laughed so hard i cried hehe 



6. dated someone twice = Yes

7. been cheated on = Yes

8. kissed someone & regretted it = Yes

9. lost someone special = Yes

10. been depressed= Yes

11. been drunk and threw up = Yes



12. Purple





15. Made a new friend = Yes Many

16. Fallen out of love = No Never

17. Laughed until you cried = Yes

18. Met someone who changed you = No

20. Found out someone was talking about you = Yes

21. Kissed anyone on your FB friend's list ? WHO ? = Yes, Chris & my kids

22. How many people on your FB friends list do you know in real life = Most of them

24. Do you have any pets = Yes, One dog and one bird And A Hamster

25. Do you want to change your name = No

26. What did you do for your birthday = Taz to me only out to eat was best Birthday ive ever Had ty Baby

27. What time did you wake up today =Aint went to sleep yet

28. What were you doing at midnight last night = Jesters Lounge

29. Name something you CANNOT wait for = Dec,31, makes 7 years ive been married to taz 

30. Last time you saw your Mother =wow over a month

31. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life = i would change nothing

32. What are you listening to right now: Nothing

33. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom? =  Yes

34. What's getting on your nerves right now = Being so damn tired

37. Nickname = Frog

38. Relationship Status = Married

39. Zodiac sign = Leo

40. He or She = She

41. Elementary School = Garner elem and randroad

42. Middle School =cant remember name lol

43. High School = sounth johnston high

44. Hair color = Dark  brown 

45. Long or short = Short now but long soon im hopeing

46. Height = 4' 11"

47. Do you have a crush on someone ? = No

48. What do you like about yourself ? = Hard to say

49. Piercings = Ears

50.Tattoos = 1

51. Righty or lefty =Both



52. First surgery=Eyes i was 3 years old

53. First piercing = Ears

54. First best friend = Teresa G.

55. First sport you joined =

56. First vacation =

58. First pair of trainers =



59. Eating = nothing

60. Drinking = Capichino

61. I'm about to = lay down

62. Listening to =a game hubby is playing

63. Waiting for = Sleep



64. Want kids ?= Got 8 what do you think

65. Get Married ? = Already there!

66. Career ? = Nope not yet



67. Lips or eyes =  eyes

68. Hugs or kisses =  kisses

69. Shorter or taller =  Taller

70. Older or Younger = Younger

71. Romantic or spontaneous = both

72. Nice stomach or nice arms = Arms

74. Hook - up or relationship = Relationship

75. Trouble maker or hesitant = Hesitant



76. Kissed a stranger = No

77. Drank hard liquor = Yes

78. Lost glasses/contacts = Yes

79. sex on first date = Yes

80. Broke someone's heart = Yes

81. Had your own heart broken ? = Yes

82. Been arrested ? = Yes

83. Turned someone down = Yes

84. Cried when someone died = yes

85. Fallen for a friend = Yes



86. Yourself = Yes

87. Miracles = Yes

88. Love at first sight = Yes

89. Heaven = Yes

90. Santa Clause =  Yes

91. Kiss on the first date = Yes

I'm fixin' to tell you something about being Southern: Being Southern doesn't mean that I'm not well educated. I may say 'ain't' and 'y'all' and 'honey', "bless a lot of hearts", and I might even 'piddle' around. I'll greet you with a big "howdy". I might refer to my grocery cart as a 'buggie' and by golly that's okay......! I'm polite and say "Ma'am and Sir". And if you hear a Southerner say "Oh Heck naw!", you'd better run!! If you're proud to be Southern click like 'right smack dab' on my status, and then go over 'yonder' and copy and paste to your status..When you get done with that.. grab a glass of sweet tea and thank God you were raised in the South!!!

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