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I have a M.A. in English Composition from UAkron ('95) and am an adjunct professor at a local community college. I began teaching undergrad writing (English 1301, 1302, sometimes 2311) in 1993 (ABD in Technical Communication & Rhetoric from Texas Tech), but since the taxpayers don't think the education of young adults is worth paying their adjunct professors a livable wage, it doesn't allow much free time or financial security. As a result of this and other recent upheavals in my life (yet another divorce), I am making some changes, including writing, modeling, acting (see modelmayhem.com/heathcliff3k), and network marketing (see www.anticyclical.com). Check me out at myspace.com/heathcliff3k. I am a fairly gentle soul with a black belt in Aikido. In no particular order, I've worked as a substance abuse counselor, restaurant manager, movie theater cleaner, grocery store bagger, landscaper (construction, dump truck driver, florist delivery), child care service worker (with abused and neglected adolescents, and "delinquents"); convenience store manager; motel desk manager; and other stuff that slips my mind at the moment. I'm originally from the Southwest side of Chicago, but a Cubs fan. If you understand Cubs fans, you understand how important loyalty and optimism are to me. I enjoy trying new things, but am perfectly happy sticking with what works, so friends know not to be afraid to drag me out of my chair when necessary. Listen to Thom Hartmann on AAR (1360AM Dallas ) if you are interested in my political views. Read the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew: 5, 6, 7) for my religious views. Look up INTJ personality (see typelogic.com/intj.html for example)if you want an overview of my personality type and temperament. You can also find me through www.eugeneortiz.com. I'd like to meet any ambitious, positive, open-minded people. I'm particularly interested in people who really want to do something to take control of their financial future. IMHO, that means establishing passive or residual income. If that sounds like you, please watch the videos below, in their entirety, and then contact me with any questions or for help with the next step.

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