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Lets Get Personal



What did you have for breakfast? Nothin
Who do you love? My kids Family Friends
Where were you born? Alabama
Where are you? My bed
Where do you wish you were? No where
Are you happy with your life? Sometimes
Do you cry a lot? When im in pain yes
Do you make people angry? Naw
Do you like who you are? Yeap i sure do
Are you random? Yeap
Do you like the cold? Naw
Do you like the heat? Sometimes
Aren’t thunderstorms awesome? Naw i could live without them
Do you like to walk in the rain? Yes
Isn’t walking in the leaves romantic? Huh
Do you have any one in mind that you want to walk in the leaves with? Rain maybe leaves no
Do you like expensive things? Yes
Have you been called a slut before? Yeap got to love my haters
Did it bother you? Nope cause i know im not
Why do you smile? Cause i know im a good person and i have a life unlike some
What makes you smile? My kids and Friends
Do people asking you too many questions in a row bother you? Hahaha Hell Yeah
Why? Cause it gets old
Do you like cameras? Yeap im a whore when it comes to them haha
Do you like taking pictures? Yeap
What is the weather like out side? Warm and very nice
Are you happy you are alive? Well Hell yeah
What or who makes life worth living? My kids
Do they feel the same about you? Yeap
Do you like looking up at the stars? Naw
Ever wanted to go into a black hole thinking it may take you back in time or forward in time? Naw
Ever thought you were in love? U know when ur in love
Do you like puzzles? Yes
How about word searches? Yes
Do you like coloring? Yes i have kids
Can you stay in the lines? Yeap
What do you like better, colored pencils, crayons, or markers? Crayons
Can you type fast? Yes
What have you been labeled? Yes i have
Do you want to move? Naw
If yes where do you want to move to? Naw
How come? Naw
Do you think the one you love is taking you over? Sometimes
Are you a geek? Dork yes Geek NO
Are you good at math? Naw
Are you good at history? Naw
Are you good at English? Yes sometimes
Are you good at science? yes
What other languages do you speak? None
Can you count in them? One yes
Do you think you are a nice person? Yes i do
What is the worst pain you’ve ever felt? Lets see gettin stiched with no numbing meds
Where is your favorite place to be? With my kids
Do you want to die? Naw
What did you have for lunch? Depends
What do you have in your cup/bottle? Juice
Do you smoke? Yes
Do you drink? Naw
Do you like swimming? Yes
Have you ever swam in the ocean? Yes
Swam on the waves? Yes
Was it fun? Yes
Have you ever walked out on the break water to a light house? Naw
Ever been inside the light house? Yes
Ever climbed rocks? Yes
Was it fun? Yes
Who did you do it with? My dad
Did they have fun? YEs
Do you like the ocean? Yes
Why? Cause
Name two people you miss really badly: My grandpa and dad
Where are they? Heaven and Alabama
Have you lost any one close to you? Hell yeah
Ever witnessed some one dieing? Yes :( not fun
Do you know who it was? Yeap
Ever been to any funerals? Yes 2 many
Do you like funerals? ummm hell no ur stupid if u do
Are you morbid? Naw
Do you know what the word Exodus means? If so explain: Yes i do and if u dont look it up
Do you know what the word Eccentric means? If so explain: Yes i do and if u dont look it up
Do you know what the word Solitude means? If so explain: look it up
Do you think you are smart? Yeap
What grade are you in? Im out of school
Do you want to go to college? Naw im good


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