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Hello all, Phreaky here. I haven't been on in a whyle bekauze I have been pursuin' theze kontestz. One of tha' kompetition traxx have been posted. If U have a moment, and believe I should be heard, go 2 VH1.com and vote for my trakk. Voting startz 08.27.07... Thingz should be back 2 normal soon... And I'll be bakk to rap with U good folkz... One Luv. My$ta' P

My Rekording Label has a full-on In$ane $oundz Gear Lyne, and we are working 2 expand tha' lyne as much az possible... Ryght now, U kan C tha' selektion here! Support This Site

We R also now testin' a lyne here... If U have any suggestionz az 2 what more we kan print on, just ask... We appreciate input! :) 1Luv. Copyright 2007 In$ane $oundz/$traitJakket Muzik... All Rights Reserved.
I am originally from the 313. Pikked up first set of drumstikkz at 3 1/2 yearz old... I play piano, and am akkomplished perkussionist. Started kreating original kompozitionz at 15 years of age, when I found most producerz were into sampling, and, when engineerz kouldn't get the lo-end I wanted in my mix right, I added engineering to my arsenal of skillz. I'd describe my style really az psykotik phunk. I like to inkorporate hard rock or phunk guitarz in my kompositionz (S'up E-Wazz?) az well az soundz I kreate using Dxi software a keyboard, and full drumset kit midi'd up to my pc. Moved to Phoenix, AZ in 1998, met up with LG, My homie and co-producer. Took G under my wing when he expressed an interest in making beatz. When I kreated Insane Soundz, G stukk around and I made him a partner with his own label, Xtra-mental Muzik. Both of us use making muzik az an outlet for expression. I moved to the Bay area to expand my sound, (my sound iz a product of my environment), and G iz still in Phoenix, reppin' Xtra-mental hard. We just recently released a klothing line based on our label logo, kreated by antonio@anythinganymated.com (good lookin' out man!) The klothing line kan be found at: www.cafepress.com/insanesoundz Shoutz out to: Angel Dust, Tha' Wolf, E-Wazz, Stev-oh!, Sense, United Rootz, Psychostick, Mr. Grim Reapa', Block Rasta' Ent., Dread Nation, Rotten Apple, and Mike "Tha' Man" Glendinning... Update: Currently living with Wife and 1st son in Salem, OR... Looking 4 break so we kan move bakk 2 tha' Bay... My heart remainz in California... (Edit) * Band Members My$ta Blakk, LG tha' Xtra-Mental MC, E-Wazz * Influences Hendrix, Prince, George Clinton, Bootsy Collins, Bernie Worrell, Public Enemy, Paris, Gnarls Barkley, Luciano Pavarotti, Andrea Bocelli, Beck, Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, Rob Zombie, System of a Down, SlipKnot, Tool, KISS, Anthrax, Sevendust, Disturbed, The Cure, Yngwie Malmsteen, Just to name a few... * Other Artists Chekk tha' influences... * Website http://www.myspace.com/insanesoundz * Current Record Label In$ane $oundz * Record Label Type Unsigned * Genres rap, other, hiphop
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