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To Talk Dirty - 5 Tips Tip #1: Set the tone for your encounter:alcohol Tip #2: Give him/her a little teaser:pantie flash Tip #3: Tell him/her what you want your lover to do to you.. sky's the limit. :Tip #4: Ask him/her what they want you to do :??.within reason.. kk. Tip #5: Turn up the heat with new vocabulary:Cunt.. Pussy.. vag.. etc.. lol.. shhhh JUST LAY BACK AN ENJOY.. Smiling.. cool This. Fun time is brought to you by Abby.. hugs.xoxo

About “The Pegasus Project“

Dove Goddess
CoFounder of The Pegasus Project

Pegasus was a mythical creature said to have been born from the blood that fell to earth during the slaying of Medusa. This magnificent creature spent it's life assisting in the battle against evil and wrong doings in the universe, and was honored for these loving acts through the gift of it‘s own constellation at the time of death… this gift stands as an eternal reminder of the true treasures of life.

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Some say that everywhere that Pegasus stepped upon the earth, new life was born and the beauty of spring would be come fourth. There are many different versions of this mythical creature's life and image. Some depict Pegasus as a winged horse, others a winged unicorn... but all tell of Pegasus' life long assistance in the battle against wrong in the universe in order to bring fourth justice, beauty and/or love.

No matter which version of the myth you wish to embrace, we here at “The Pegasus Project” embrace the thought that good defeats evil, right wins over wrong and that true beauty and value comes from within the heart, and not from the outer shell of a person. Here on fubar some of the evil, and wrong that we try to fight, is that a woman is nothing more than an outer shell and that only what the eyes can see is what really matters. We feel that the Inner Beauty reflects through the outer shell and fills the earth with love, support, kindness, friendship and the true treasures of life.

Here at “The Pegasus Project” we do not exploit the physical attributes of our ladies, or try to make a person feel that they do not measure up because they don’t meet some “Barbie Doll” image, nor do we reduce those blessed with outer attributes to nothing more than body shape or a hot trinkets for sensual pleasure. We feel that to support such a shallow view, only invites our ladies to be disrespected and used. Instead, we pull together as a real family and allow each of our Ladies to share their Inner Beauty with the others on fubar, without the fear of being judged or used by the friends they gather, or the leaders and founders of the group.

So, if you are tired of the shallow people who care more about the outer shell of a person, rather than the inner treasures they have to offer... leave your "Horns" and preconceived notions at the door (we are loving NO DRAMA ZONE), and come on in and meet, or perhaps become one of, the amazing Ladies of “The Pegasus Project”.

Lots of LOVE to All from….

Dove Goddess
Co Founder of “The Pegasus Project”

This bully brought to you by
The Pegasus Project

/td> Photobucket Annipoo is back on the Fu-bar after being savagly beaten by her Ex,, she sustained broken bones and is still recovering.. soo this is a Friend alert.. go visit her and leave love..Let her know how special she is. click the link below and show you care. Annipoo the Norwegian Goddess*Chief of Operations 2nd alarm hotties*Daddy's levelers*Abbys G/F

@ fubar Photobucket Photobucket Brought to you by Abby.xoxo
will never forget Pictures, Images and Photos Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket IN my Prayers sweet Allie.. Sweetaspie.xoxo you will be soo missed by all your friends.... Former Hottie and dangerous Curves member.

Photobucket Photobucket If you would like to Join us .Please click ****the Pegasus below.**** The Pegasus Project

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