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turbo's blog: "a womans man"

created on 01/28/2009  |  http://fubar.com/a-womans-man/b274536
A true man is loving, compassionate, kind who loves you for your heart,soul,and mind. He care not what others say,think, and do; His world evolves around you. A true man holds you tight in his arms. wanting to keep you forever unharmed. His joyous eyes are staring deep into yours; as he gives you that look,you feel secure. His soft whisper sounds like sweet music to your ears. Hes moving close,letting you know he is near... As you receive a warm embrace, You see the expression upon his soft tender face. His white smile tells it all. You rush with glorious pride, because you know he'll forever be by your side. Your hearts belong to one another; Through pain and sorrow,you support each other As those beautiful memories come pouring in. You feel his strong love once again. Oh, but true men are so hard to find! Through all this chaos is true love undivine. You yet wait for your prince to come And to love you unconditionally, not just some. How you wish to feel his compassion and you Waiting to engulf and surround thee His love must endure for all time; To catch you when you fall, to be all yours. With his love must come peace and hope, Bubbling around you daily like soap. We shall be happy in love- The perfect picture of two turtledoves. You don't desire a man who is a loser and breaks hearts, Who takes advantage of you until you finally fall apart. And you think ill wait for Mr. Right- Who will soon come along within your sight. We'll have a future so decend and fair. Not a relationship which you cant bare. Nor will you desire some lying dead beat; You find a man so compassionate and meet. You wont glance in the mirror and feel disgust. Nor will you follow some man as if he was a must. You dont plan to act foolishly or carelessly You refuse to have someone take advantage of you. You will live accordingly and peacefully. We shall love one another until our final good-bye. You shall go away knowing he loves you until you die
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