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Life begins at consecption and its been a wild ride....I'm talking about being on line....Been there since '89 or about since Windows came out with WIN 3.1....Today we have Windows 7....and what a ride.DOS 8089 dont count..Why? No online....rofl.

People think going to the moon was great. Well back in '69 it was...Today, its,to me, it just isn't online, it's inner space. From Pac-Man to creating an Avatar, for self, and diving into what's called,"SecondLife."

Secondlife allows one to be anything they desire and to live out in innerspace and enjoy.....I've tired RedLight...for about 5 minutes.....I poofed fast....IMVU.......there you bounce your avatar from one spot to another....I actually became a millionaire..I know others who became billionaires.....Nice.....then I heard secondlife....

Secondlife you create a nifty avatar.....and believe you and me, you're out there. One of the first thing you learn is, YOU FLY.Fantasy right?You can ride motorcycles, drive, sail, even fly planes. And above all, you can create like a business. Create clothes..all of them; build from a race car or fly a space shuttle. One can build homes or sale real estate. And get this, you must pay taxes too.

A lot of things there are free too. But if you want to stand out, either you create something to sell or you have to pay for better things.

MasterGreyWolf Meriborne, thats me.:-)..Been there awhile.......Anything you ever dreamed about becoming, secondlife will allow you to become. I mean from being a spider to a rich Vampire..its there.

Every now and then, I go back to IMVU and see if anything new.While I'm there, it drives me back to secondlife. Why?IMVU, I have to hop from one dot to another.....secondlife, you walk or fly. Better yet you transport...like,"Scotty beam me up....lmao..

True...we all live in a Real Time World. Yet you ever think, what if, or I could have been......best of all, I feel that secondlife teaches the true value of life. How?

It's only a game and we all need one thing all should remember;behind the Avatar, is a real person.:-)

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